Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Writer's Furry Muse

Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 When we did the Great Broad Blog Out back in April, Jaleta Clegg moved that "all writers of science fiction/fantasy have cats." (Or something to that effect.) In any case, while there are exceptions - like Tracy and her adorable pups - I am among those writers with cats.

And my darling kitty derailed my intended "Importance of Thank You" blog post.

So, I hope to distract you with appropriately adorable kitty pictures.

You see, she's sick. :(

She's got a urinary tract infection, and tomorrow I get to gather the urine in her litter box and take it for tests to make sure there's no crystallization.

I'm really hoping there's not, because the doctor wanted me to start her on a whole new diet today.

While she loved the taste of the new food, it didn't like her, so I* spent a good part of my evening cleaning kitty puke.

I* also spent another good part attempting to give her antibiotics.

Which she puked up.

So, I* attempted to find a harmony in her "Nobody loves me/Leave me the F@$k Alone" sulk… with little success.

In any case, as most writers know, our beloved animals are our muses - but they can also tear us away from our work, leaving us stressed and hardly able to string words together.

So, please send good wishes to Nylis.

And Loki… who, while not immediately sick, is old and says he still needs love and good wishes.

And Jonah - my good friend TokyoWriter's pup - who just passed away today.

Thank you!

*should read "I and Husband-of-Awesome"


Aimee Weinstein said...

Thanks for this - it makes me feel marginally better. I'm sorry I didn't have the capacity to be sympathetic with you for Nylis when we spoke briefly today. More tomorrow when hopefully we're both better. Hugs hugs hugs.

Lum said...

I love your cat pics. :) So cute..... The bunny is also adorable, of course. :D Hope they're both doing okay.........

Trisha Wooldridge said...

Thank you! Both are doing much better. Nylis has a diet that both of us + the vet likes, Loki is still thumping... and I just added a horse to the mix of animal muses. :) We're all good.

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