Saturday, June 30, 2012

Celebrating Diverse Gender Identities and Orientations for Pride Month

June is Pride month! Julia Rios (who is also part of the QUILTBAG speculative fiction group, the Outer Alliance) hosts, and talks gender and sexuality with three differently creative women.

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Brit Mandelo is a writer and editor. Her non-fiction work has appeared at, in Stone Telling Magazine, and in We Wuz Pushed, a volume about the work of Joanna Russ. As an editor, she's curated Beyond Binary, an anthology of genderqueer and sexually fluid science fiction stories, and she works with Julia as a fiction editor at Strange Horizons. Brit also writes fiction of her own, including "Winter Scheming" in Apex Magazine (which is the dark story she and Julia talked about in the interview).

Moondancer Drake is a Native American author of lesbian paranormal romance. Her books include Ancestral Magic, Natural Order, and Worlds Collide. Community is very important to her, and she tries to include diverse characters and relationship types in her work. Moondancer identifies as Two Spirit, a Native American term which encompasses a variety of gender identities and sexual orientations. She particularly values the fluidity of the term. Moondancer is currently holding a fundraiser to help a close friend move to Wisconsin. To donate and support Moondancer's community, visit the FundRazr page.

Rhea Ewing is an artist who does fine are, illustrations, book covers, and comics. Her current giant project is a comic about gender called Fine. If you're interested in reading the preview, participating in the interview process, or giving financial support, you can find out more at Rhea got her artistic start with Urban Fey, a joint venture with Kimberley Long-Ewing (also a Broad Universe member!). Urban Fey is an urban fantasy comic with several queer and genderqueer characters.


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