Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrating What Might Have Been and What Never Was In July With Alternate History

If you've been to the movies lately, you may have seen the documentary about Abraham Lincoln's hidden past as a vampire hunter. 

What?  He wasn't a vampire hunter?  He was in the alternate history novel (and movie) Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. 

In this month's episode of Broadly Speaking host Tracy S. Morris, takes a look at the facts and fictions of alternate history along with three alternate history authors. 

First up, Roberta Rogow discusses avenues of research for those writing alternate history.

Then Sandra Sadak discusses pre-history alternate history as well as what makes an alternate history novel alternate history when it's set before written history as well as getting your details right for the fans. 

Lastly, J. Kathleen Cheney talks about researching history when you don't even speak the language that your primary sources are written in. 

On a technical note: I was holding my four month old daughter while recording this podcast. Under the audio, you will hear her attempts to join in the conversation. 


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