Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 2012: Humor

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Welcome to a very special Broadly Speaking!  This time we’re talking about how to host Broadly Speaking, and the humor theme comes in as your host, Justine Graykin, gropes her way though her very first Broadly Speaking podcast, patiently assisted by Tracy Morris, Trisha Wooldridge, Julia Rios, Rae Lori, Larissa Niec and Terri Bruce.

How do you make a Skype conference call?  Justine makes all the mistakes so you don’t have to.  What do you do if a guest doesn’t show up?  If you’re Julia, you get one of your other guests to channel the missing person through her left hand.  What happens when an act of God interrupts your show?  Larissa gave us the opportunity to find out, live.

In between the tales and travails, our aspiring hosts ask the questions and veteran hosts answer, discussing the details of how to arrange interviews, record Skype sessions and round table discussions, what software to use and how to use it, with tips and tricks based on hard and often hilarious experience.

So if you’ve ever wanted to break into podcasting, here’s a great place to start.  Give a listen, and then give us a shout, and the Broads will show you the ropes.  Broad Universe, helping to Broaden your horizons!

Here's some handy links including to sites and downloads mentioned in the Podcast:


Working with Tracks in Audacity

Recording in Audacity

Skype Conference Calling

Levelator for PC

Levelator for MAC


Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 2012: Humor

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Welcome to the March edition of the BroadPod. Your host, Melanie Fletcher, author of the short story collection Random Realities and the fantasy novella Sabre Dance, was a bit worried about this month’s theme: Humor.  Give a listen, and you’ll find out why.  Also enjoy five humorous tales from our members.


First up is Sue Bolich. Twice every year, Sue's online workshop at does a Short Story in a Week challenge in which the writer must incorporate five words in a coherent and complete story. "Tyke," "infamy" and "knight" were three of the words the week "The Fixer" was written, so naturally she ended up with a story about a demon, a very young Antichrist, and a world-weary and not very white knight!


Next is Jaleta Clegg's story "Always a Bridesmaid," which was inspired by the cover art for the anthology Rotting Tales. Jaleta wonders what would happen if that creepy old maiden aunt decided she was going to be the bride, but she had already died?


Roberta Gregory's story Mother Mountain is an epic that has been pestering Roberta for thirty years or more, like one big dysfunctional family, and she can't wait to share it with everyone!


K.A. Laity will read from Mangrove Legacy, her serial comic Gothic novel published by Tease Publishing under her nom de plume Kit Marlowe.


And finally, Jody Lynn Nye reveals that Dragon*Con isn't the only major August event in Atlanta with her story "Pat the Magic Dragon".


So put down whatever you're drinking and get ready to giggle at these five hilarious stories.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New facet of Chaos, or Katie's hyperbolic, mythic moving experience

For those wondering why I've been even more remiss than usual about regular blog posts, here is the reason - told in the (only slightly edited) words of the cause.  A happy cause it is, though.  Life is a positive flavor of chaos at Chez Wooldridge.  Helloooooo, Katie!!


Passing the protective daemons resting with the dryads of this mystic land, I come upon my home for the unknown future.  The grand cathedral [Trish, here, is deeply moved by such a description of her crooked, humble, home] is adorned with angles, fairies, and protected by its four legged guards and their elfin comrades. [I really hope she's not considering Nylis a guard. Maybe Loki, and the ghost--hell, even the statue, of Miss Rhetta.  But Nylis?]

First, we chose the clean out the junk in the room I wasn't going to sleep in and turn it into a more cleverly organized storage closet and library. [It's still a work in progress.]  To do this I, as a monkey, ascended the stair to the attic where was found many a box, chest, and crate filled with hidden fortunes and forgotten memories.

Next was the ship…. Ohhh…. Wait!!!  The weaponry.  Must mention those. [Even I had forgotten the depth of our collection…]

In the storage closet stood all manner of weapons for this palace’s gallant warriors to wield as each practiced and sparred with the spirits of the wood, lain bare from Winter’s chilly wind.  We transported these to the Temple Viewing (TV) room and blocked this entrance, protecting what would protect us, with the rugs and coverings found within the room that was to be changed next. [Oh my… those who know my writing - I swear, I am blameless here.  This is ALL Katie.]

Next was found a white, well built, with the sturdiest logs and paint, book shelf. Moving it is highly silly to watch and was done by mainly myself. (I made a short video).

Once we removed from the windows of the adjacent room [Katie's near-future completed bedroom] what had been keeping the cold-winter out and sunlight from ever coming in a refreshing and cleansing sensation came over us and hot chocolate was the perfect for that moment. [To my editor friends: A discussion will be had about passive writing.] And so we share a moment by the Comfort Stove.

Tho' this be a wonderful place to rest, we must journey forward through our days...

Days later, at Home Depot, I had a challenge of choosing not only the new color but the design, finally deciding on nothing and arriving from the store with a new fire protector (lamp shade), spackle and paint supplies.

Once the ship [read as: Katie's room, I had to ask about the metaphor, too] was emptied was when the handwork began.  [And Katie got tired of writing, so she bulleted the rest.

Spackling:  Finding and sealing every hole and ding was a chore taking days.
Painting:  Two coats helped me keep my thoughts warm.
Furnishing:  Moving the bed took two of us and after this the rest was up to me.

Now, I am happy to see my new residence built to allow for freedom of motion to and from nature. [She has a balcony.]
My aery was made for flight and its motion felt when you sit in its center--being as the floor is tilted and the furnishings are placed as tho' the room were a circle. [She likes her room and is kindly making the most of the aforementioned crookedness of my humble home.]

Now, we work on making the rest of the house liveable… while I attend to my email slayage, deadline challenges, and journey demands.  Ack… the mythic hyperbole is catching!!  I better end this post now and get to bed…

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