Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arisia! Wheee!!11!!!!1!

So, I'm at Arisia!

It is teh Awesome-sauce!

I'm also very tired and have indulged in.... Saorian Brandy.... and other parties, and spent the afternoon having and hosting sex(-based panels). (I am told I give good panel.) Also, I have committed the following: tribble cleavage (at the Star Trek party with abovementioned Saorian Brandy), unicorn, and faerie.... but many of you already know the latter two.

Anyway, so, pardon the silliness. I did better than most cons and had my camera for a good part of it... and more importantly occasionally remembered to use it!

Here was Roommate Roxanne, in the grey, and fellow Broads Justine Graykin (purple) and Ray Otis (seated). We ran the Broad Universe Book Room - and did pretty durned good if we do say so ourselves!!

Here's me at the desk with my vampire pony from my Massachusetts Horse editor, and Justine with her new audio book, Archimedes Nesselrode.

We had some great visitors, like the Doctor and a little Martha.

And I went to Elaine Isaak's release party for The Bastard Queen (which is not the result of committing trilogy.)

At Elaine's party, we met a dragon. :)

Not photoed, because I left the camera back in the room, was Danielle Ackley-McPhail's Bad-Ass release party for her newest novel, The Halfling's Court. (The earlier Star Trek party also suffered the same camera-forgetfulness... as did all of today's panels as was lucky to simply get to them in time... not to mention moderate the ones I moderated successfully.)So - a blast. Looking forward to the last day - and of course, returning next year!


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