Monday, April 26, 2010

More April Adventures

OMG - is the month REALLY almost over?

Is it REALLY almost my birthday???

Didn't I just write my first April post… wow… that long ago?

Add the cliché at your own risk.

In any case:


We haz podcast!!


The actual screwing around on Audacity continues to get easier with the occasional glitch of half of someone's reading going silent for no apparent reason - but was easily fixed by pasting the original over the messed-up part.

Even the time it took to figure out how to get the files smaller (with Scott's help), was easier.

Then… Podbean's server crashed.

Yes! Just my luck!

Sooooo… I moved onto Posterous, which was recommended to me from Kim Vandervort, from a friend of hers. It lets me continue my lazy addiction to doing just about EVERYTHING from my email account, and that makes me happy.

So does the 1 gig of storage space.

And then Podbean was up and running, so I reposted all the even-more-compressed files there.

Fingers totally crossed that the new site doesn't go the way of and get overloaded by people wanting to use it and failing! (At least I know Podbean's been around for a while and… if push comes to shove, I may bite the bullet and ask BU to fund it for better storage space, but I'm hoping to keep this an endeavor that doesn't cost the organization anything.

In the meantime - go enjoy some fabulous fiction!

(And, because I was so busy on this compressing and stuff, stop back at the Broad Universe website and give us a donation if you like it!)


This week, I'm reading poetry at the Jacob Edwards Library on April 29th (the day before my birthday!). There will be a bunch of local poets - so please come by and show your support.

I'll be reading from The Unicorn & the Old Woman… and other Poems, along with the poem that will be published in Poetry Locksmith this May!


The DragonWriters, my very first writing group and a bunch of amazing writers and artists, FINALLY has our own blog! We're still working out a posting schedule, but please check us out here:


It's 2:30 now… Can I post my blogs, have completed podcasting updates, done a food review... AND HAD A REALLY PRODUCTIVE DAY … before 3:AM???

See my answer on Twitter!


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