Monday, May 17, 2010

Advertise AND make the world a better place for horses? Blogathon!

I know I've got a lot going on that some of you have caught glimpses of on Twitter and Facebook, but today, I want to dedicate my Manic Monday to the 24-hour mania I annually dedicate to the Bay State Equine Rescue.

A few years back, my friend, Shira Lipkin, pointed me towards and the Blogathon Event.

Basically, bloggers around the globe dedicate 24 hours, posting every half hour, to raising money for their favorite charities. It's wicked, crazy cool!

So, every year around this time I start begging my friends and colleagues to sponsor me for this event!

And I do my damnedest to make it worth your while.

What do I do?

I promo the hell outta ya!

I'm offering:

  • Your own blog interview: I interview you, include pictures you provide, and tell the world why they need to hire you or buy your products/books/etc. - $40 sponsorship
  • Your own blog feature: 700 words of your own to tell the world about yourself with up to 2 pictures. - $35 sponsorship
  • Sponsor one of my blog posts: I'll give you a 50-word blurb before one of my planned posts about equine rescue, horses, horse care, or equine legislation. - $20
  • Twitter/Facebook-mania: Why people should buy your product/hire you in 140 characters or less. Posted to both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. - $10

Both the interview and the feature include Twitter/Facebook Mania.

And early sponsors get more promotion. For example:

Thank you Massachusetts Horse for donating advertising for the BSER Blogathon! Massachusetts Horse is entirely dedicated to the equine culture in MA - and even beyond. The magazine offers horse care information, legal articles, trail reviews, spotlight articles on Massachusetts equine businesses, youth groups, and non-profits. It reaches over 10,000 people with each bi-monthly issue - and is donated to libraries, youth groups, and horse clubs all over the state. Please visit their website at for more information on subscribing or advertising with them.

If you sign up as a sponsor before July, I'll include ad copy for you each week in one of my regular blog postings: Manic Monday, Writerly Wednesday, or Foodie/Feminist Friday.

Now, on top of all the promotion, your donations are entirely tax deductible because they go right to the Bay State Equine Rescue, a 501(c)3 organization. We are an entirely volunteer run organization dedicated to making the world a better place for horses, and your donation will go directly to help horses in our care or who need our rescue.

Do you like promotion?

Do you like to know your advertising dollars are going to a good cause?

Want to find out more?

E-mail me! trish (at) anovelfriend (dot) com

And let the world know about you - while helping horses in need.


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