Monday, June 20, 2011

Writergirl, Writergirl, How does your Garden Grow…

Overgrown and unsupervised,
Mr. Charles Darwin they all know.

'Cos I rarely weed, or clean or plant
I don't even have to sow.

I've got work to do, plants must be stubborn to survive
'Cos more deadlines come when others go.

Ok, I totally lost the meter there, but you get the idea.  We've got a small-average size house on 3/4 of an acre of land surrounded by woods.  I have a few beds I do at least keep an eye on.

My Fairy Garden

The Falling Steps

The Secret Stairway

The Roses

Currently, only the Fairy Garden is weeded/cleaned.  That's where most of my herbs grow: mint, sage, lavender.  And it has a little angel.  Oh, and it's pretty small.  The Falling Steps are smaller, but I don't know what all everything is.

My excuse about The Roses is that there is a big table in my way.  And that pretty wine-red one is probably a bush older than me, so I just let her do her thing.  Scott finally got me trellises a few years back.

The Secret Stairway is cool, but there's this funky plant that sorta-kinda looks like Queen Anne's Lace but isn't that always overgrows it faster than anything.  (Even worse than mint!)

Gardening gets done under these conditions: It's nice out (not too hot, not too cold), Scott is doing something outside with me, and/or I've done so much desk work that I need physical labor to balance my energy. (AKA - I just need to KILL THINGS and weeds are a perfectly acceptable subject of my violent tendencies.)

Since I have a horse and, therefore, a positive outlet for physical energy, Saturday, mid-June, was the first time since about April or so that my gardens have received any energy beyond the passing thought of "Yeah, I oughta do that… ooh - shiny deadline!"

Gardening is good for the soul and generally leads to other creative endeavors: A crapload of mint?  Mojitos, tabouleh (with mint), curry lamb meatballs (with mint), and mint chutney (which, for reference, uses way more mint than pesto uses basil).  If not cooking, I make flower arrangements and put them all over the house (usually to the annoyance of Scott because I forget he actually needs to see the television regularly.)

It's good to exercise my other creative tendencies.  I didn't paint or draw in Myrtle Beach; I wrote… a lot.  So, my mind needs other non-writing projects to balance out all I'm doing now.  Which feels like it's going slow until I actually pile it all up.

I might do that for you for Writerly Wednesday.  ;)  Assuming I'm not fighting to meet another deadline.

Which I might be.

Yeah… with a few exceptions, my plants are in the hands of Darwin this year; if they live until next year, we can talk again.

Wish us luck!


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