Monday, September 19, 2011

Another "Bits and Ends"

My "New Year" September is really pushing me!

I have about six more Round 2 edits to review for UnCONventional, which should be done Monday.  (Pinky swear, Kate!!)  Also today, I have article calls & emails to make.  I'm doing a comfort food piece and a chef profile for Worcester Magazine due on Friday, I have an avocado article due in two weeks, a yet-unwritten short story that needs to be printed before Friday, edits on "Photo of a Mermaid" due… end of the weekish, and critiques for Traveling Java need to be done before Tuesday.

During the week, I will be traveling every day but Monday.

Oh, and on top of all that, there is another fabulous benefit to the Bay State Equine Rescue happening on Sunday:

Horse of Course Benefit!

It's taking place at Whip-O-Will stables and is one of those "family fun" events where we've got things planned for all ages… even if you're not all that into horses.  Check out the event page!

It's happening from 11AM-4PM this Sunday, September 25th. 

If you live in MA or CT or anywhere driveable, please try to come?  :)  Thank you!

I have this blog written on my to-do lists; let's see if it actually happens for more than this post. ;)


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