Thursday, February 2, 2012

My blogging plan…

It's not working so well. 

Well, there's a post here when it ought to be scheduled, more times than not… but I'm barely hanging on, and there's been a lot of borrowing from other sources - look, the podcast!  Look - a cute cat!

I have a lot to say; I have articles in my head.

I have no time…

Little things around the house, reworking my whole schedule, fitting in this exercise and eating protocol… total time eaters.

I may end up just posting a photo of my houseguests on Friday.

Also - people near Worcester - sign up for the Writing Workshop I'm doing with two great friends this Saturday.  Today is your LAST DAY to do it. :)  Here's the info on how to register.

Part of the blog-eater is this workshop - so I'm sacrificing for you!

:)  Happy mid-week.


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