Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 2012: Humor

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Welcome to a very special Broadly Speaking!  This time we’re talking about how to host Broadly Speaking, and the humor theme comes in as your host, Justine Graykin, gropes her way though her very first Broadly Speaking podcast, patiently assisted by Tracy Morris, Trisha Wooldridge, Julia Rios, Rae Lori, Larissa Niec and Terri Bruce.

How do you make a Skype conference call?  Justine makes all the mistakes so you don’t have to.  What do you do if a guest doesn’t show up?  If you’re Julia, you get one of your other guests to channel the missing person through her left hand.  What happens when an act of God interrupts your show?  Larissa gave us the opportunity to find out, live.

In between the tales and travails, our aspiring hosts ask the questions and veteran hosts answer, discussing the details of how to arrange interviews, record Skype sessions and round table discussions, what software to use and how to use it, with tips and tricks based on hard and often hilarious experience.

So if you’ve ever wanted to break into podcasting, here’s a great place to start.  Give a listen, and then give us a shout, and the Broads will show you the ropes.  Broad Universe, helping to Broaden your horizons!

Here's some handy links including to sites and downloads mentioned in the Podcast:


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