Friday, October 5, 2012

Howling About Animals in Science Fiction and Fantasy


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the Dragonriders of Pern to the tales of Redwall, Science Fiction and Fantasy is filled with animal characters. For the September episode of Broadly Speaking, four authors known for their work with animals in fiction joined host Tracy S. Morris to discuss the perils and successes of using animals as characters in Science Fiction and Fantasy.


Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of the Midnight Louie detective novels, which are told from the perspective of a cat who thinks he is Sam Spade.

You can find her at


Dusty Rainbolt is the vice president for the Cat Writers’ Association, Inc. In addition to writing informative books and articles on cats including Kittens for Dummies, she is the author of several novels with animal characters that include cats that fetch and a Madagascar hissing cockroach. You can find Dusty online at


Bev Hale is the author of The Essense of Stone, in which a sorcerer’s apprentice must deal with a princess who has been turned into a cat. She also creates Steampunk art and jewelry through her company Otherwhen Oddities. You can find her at


Maggie Bonham is the author of over 28 books on dog training and pet care as well as epic science fiction and fantasy. She is also the publisher of Skywarrior Books. You can find her on the web at  You can find Skywarrior books at


Tracy S. Morris is the author of the Tranquility Mysteries, as series of urban fantasy mysteries in rural settings. One of the characters of her series is a vet who can speak to animals. Her pet ferrets are frequently in the middle of the mysteries, but because they are ferrets, they are too busy stealing keys and socks to pay attention to who the killer might be. You can find her on the web at


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