Monday, April 15, 2013

April 2013

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Welcome to the April BroadPod.  In this edition we bring you first a reading from Elaine Isaak, author of The Singer's Crown, The Eunuch's Heir, and The Bastard Queen.  Her epic fantasy novellas, Tales of Bladesend, are available online at  Elaine will be reading a fragment discovering in her archives while searching for new book ideas.  Will it become one? We'll just have to wait and find out.  She calls it, Royal Blood.

Following Elaine, we have two readings recorded at a Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading earlier this year at Arisia.  First, Lisa Amowitz, writer, artist, designer, and children's book illustrator, reads from her novel, BREAKING GLASS, which will be published by Spencer Hill Press in July 2013.   Then, Rose Mambert will read from her rock-and-roll vampire novel, THE MUSES. Editor-in-Chief of Pink Narcissus Press, she has co-edited various anthologies such as Elf Love, Queer Fish, and WTF?!

The BroadPod will be taking a break while we transfer to a new hosting site.  We'll be sure to let our listeners know when we are back up and running with a new BroadPod.  In the meantime, keep broadening your reading horizons!

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