Friday, August 14, 2009

Pieces of Worldcon Anticipation

I had no time to blog during Worldcon with organizing and paneling, but I will make up for it now! Rather than having one long BLAG, I'll break it into bitesize pieces over the next few days.

In a nutshell:


In bullets:

- Broad Universe Info Table was well covered & introduced many people to our fabulous organization promoting women in science-fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.

- Broad Universe RFR had the time & room changed, but we still had great readers and quite a few attendees.

- Pulled off moderating 90 minutes about zombies after husband-of-awesome's crash course and a few movies.

- Had a lot of fun w/ Heather Urbanski moderating "Let the Guy Scream" panel about women portrayed in SF,F & H media.

- Met Neil Gaiman in person with 2 conversations, a signature on A Game of You, and a hug - yes, he lives up to his very sweet reputation. (see pic 1 below)

- Presented academic paper on A Game of You with success!

- Moderated and sat in on and enjoyed 2 other fabulous academic tracks: one on Canadian Spec Fic, and the other on Elisabeth Vonarburg, the other Guest of Honor.

- Took part in a wonderful writing workshop organized by the fabulous Oz Drummond

- Hung out and wrote Sci-Fikus with this brilliant 11-year-old in the Children's Track.

- Was on the "Broad Universe Presents" panel and spoke well and with coherence despite the 9:AM slot.

- Ran a great Spiritualism, Tarot & Writing Workshop discussion at the slightly less ungodly hour of 10AM on Monday.

- Helped organize and run a KICK-ASS party on Sunday night - slinging drinks as the Bar Broad for BLUMBUFS (By Light Unseen Media, Broad Universe, Fae Sithein). (Bar Broad Trish is pic 2 below)

Some setbacks:

- Left the digital camera at home; husband convinced me to buy a disposable camera. I actually did take pictures, so worth it - even though they weren't that great quality.

- Also left at home the flash drive that had MY ENTIRE ACADEMIC PAPER AND PRESENTATION… husband-of-awesome to the rescue again with some free online way to transfer files.

- Most of the panel planners must have thought I was a morning person… so I averaged maybe 3-4 hours of sleep each night. Except for Sunday, the party, where I had 2 hours.

- Complete lack of ANY Internet service in the Party Suite… required some arguing with the Delta to knock off charges.

But all worked out and did not detract from the overall Awesomeness. I'll go more into detail on some of these later and actually have posts in the next few days - what a concept! Now… to write them all. ...

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