Monday, August 3, 2009

This is what my desk-area looks like right now - to give you an idea of my "superior" organization skills:

Yes, that first picture includes my dinner salad, which I've been eating at between work for the night. Behind it is a water bottle, not a wine bottle (though I may break out the latter later if I am still feeling like crap & now that I'm off the tutoring clock. ;) ). The red folder is for Lovelane - the special needs riding program that I need to write the MA Horse article about. Hiding in picture three, behind the dagger, is my voice recorder which holds the interviews. uhuh. The books in picture two are my references for the academic paper, which I keep out even though I already studiously have copied any quotes/references onto a Word document. You never know...

I'm getting ready for Worldcon. I'm also finishing up with a new trainee. And I need to get a draft of a MA Horse article out before I leave for Worldcon.

Getting ready for Worldcon entails:

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading Flyer
Gaiman, Sandman, A Game of You, Subverting Conventions paper revision cont'd

Presentation slide show for said paper (I didn't send a letter and get permission from DC Comics for nothin'!)

Begging Dear Husband to print more stuff at work tomorrow

Saving everything I need on my flash drive (i.e. back up of paper and stuff)

Ensure packing includes all the kitcheny equipment for the party at Worldcon. :)

Anyway... wish me luck!
*Addendum - freaking blogger automatically pastes all the pix at the top... how do you fix this???? Stupid blog programs!!! Why do I have to give up all the LJ formatting convenience for programs that more people can access/leave comments on? Srsly...
Back to work...


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