Monday, March 1, 2010

Late Blogging

Late Blogging

My Monday is not quite half over, workwise, though I intended to wake up much earlier. Obviously, I was still worn out from deadlines and morning-person sleep patterns. (luv U Renée & Sean!)

I turned in all my deadline stuff Friday, in a reasonable time frame. (Before midnight to all editors!) On top of all that, I was already at Renée & Sean's for their grand opening. I helped organize the shop, cook, and felt useful… all while tapping away at said deadlines. I went to bed (after a shower - after the all nighter on Thursday night) around 1AM or so, and was up at some pre-noon hour, probably 8:30, because the store was opening at 9. (I thought it would be opening at 10… oops!) There were about 75-80 people who came into the tiny store (which is more like an open studio), and a good amount of stuff was bought, some classes were signed up for… and we busted into a FABULOUS cake by my friends at Sturbridge Coffee Roasters.

Aaand, I got about 4 pages done on the kelpie story that's been in my head for almost 2 years now. J


Other news this week is that I'll be at Borders in Shrewsbury with Broad Universe friends & colleagues talking about "our maternal lines in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction." The Borders event is Saturday, March 6th, and starts at 1:PM. We've also got plans for similar events at Toadstool Books in Milford New Hampshire at 7:00PM on Saturday, March 13th, and Jacob Edwards Library at 6:30 on Thursday, March 18th.

Later on this month, I'll be at Conbust in Northampton from Friday, March 26-27 - and then back home on the 28th for the Bay State Equine Rescue's Wine, Beer, and Liquor tasting at the Castle Restaurant in Leicester.

Yeah… March is quite the lion for scheduling. J April… won't be all that much better. Or May…

But it is all a good kind of busy; the kind of busy I dreamed of being as a kid when I dreamed of being a writer.


Now, it's back to my own to-do list for the week, which includes more evals and follow-ups for tutoring, going through "Cemetery Angel" feedback, submitting Starbard queries (upon hearing back from one last person whose opinion I dearly respect), a restaurant review, and actually writing my Women's History Month report on Madeleine L'Engle.

Happy writing to all of you!


_Decode_ said...

You have been incredibly busy, lady. :) But it sounds like you are getting to do a lot of good things!

I am totally looking forward to seeing you at ConBust! It will be awesome.

Jaleta Clegg said...

Wow. Sounds like my usual week. Cool on writing your story. I'm still fighting to find time to edit, let alone write something new.

Trisha Wooldridge said...

@_decode_ I look forward to seeing you at Conbust, too! And yes, all good things :)

@Jaleta Clegg My weeks vary, but ones with multiple non-self-imposed deadlines are the worst. Which, generally is 1-2 times per month. What has helped me on the "new" stuff is I give myself a window to do 100 words (give or take) a day on something new. That's not a big committment, but it has helped when I really needed to indulge my muses. Good luck with finding time, though => she PWNS in Hide & Seek.

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