Monday, March 8, 2010

The Lion of March…

For time and events this month, March is no Lamb for me! Lots of Lion reigning over my time and effort.

Good thing I like Lions. J

BTW: As a teaching point, I have 2 main calendars. I have my purse-sized calendar that is either in the purse or on my desk. And then, I've got the Family calendar, which is a desk calendar that is tied to the wall so Scott & I can keep each other updated.

Speaking of which, I need to update that.



Last Week:

I'm getting poetry published!! :D Check out this blog entry for Poetry Locksmith.

Chris & I got the galleys for BAD-ASS FAERIES 3: IN ALL THEIR GLORY. Yay galley proofing before the 10th!

Saturday was the first Broad Universe Women's History Month event, held at the Shrewsbury Borders. Three of us were there to give reports on women who have influenced our lives and writing.
I covered Madeleine L'Engle
Jennifer Pelland covered Octavia Butler.
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert covered Marge Piercy.

'Twas fun!


The rest of the month goes something like this:

March 9th:
11:30 AM - Society of Professional Communicators Luncheon
7:00 PM - Spanish Language Speakers meeting

March 11th or 12:
Comic Meeting

March 13:
A birthday party that I CAN actually make! (But Scott might be working!)
7PM - Broad Universe Women's History Event at Toadstool Books Milford, NH

March 18:
6:30PM - Broad Universe Women's History Event at Jacob Edwards Library in Southbridge, MA

March 20:
St. Patrick's Day Party with Friends (yes, I do occasionally get to socialize with friends!)

March 22:
Meeting with Karine Johnston

March 23:
6:30 - Downtown Women's Club, Worcester Meeting

March 26-27

March 28
Bay State Equine Rescue's Wine, Beer, & Liquor Tasting at the Castle Restaurant

And thennnn…

I collapse.


That's just events… many of which I have to prep for. I've still got deadlines and other projects I'm working on… so wish me luck!

Enjoy the Lamb or Lion that your March brings.


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