Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Time Management for Writers Blog

Ok, really, it's a time management for me. In hopes you all will learn to do better per my mistakes and shortfallings.

And maybe be amused at my expense.

But I'm okay with that because I love you.

Or maybe I have just lost it.

The saying goes something like idleness being the Devil's playground. I suppose when you are used to severely looming DEADLINES OF DOOM, having several "little" deadlines, many of which are self-imposed, and few actually having a financial impact, is as close to idle as a writer can get. ('Cos those characters never friggen shut up - at least not for me.)

When you have a lot of little things that are about of equal importance, it's hard to prioritize, and that often leaves me getting next to nothing done besides scheduled hours and other "big" or "regular" projects (like tutoring and this blog). It's a combination of being overwhelmed (I really can't do a lot of these little things in a short time) and of also needing some down time (because between conventions and coming home to several deadlines, a release party, and a new semester schedule, I had a big STRESS time).

I know, rationally, it's not worth feeling guilty over. I also know, rationally, that I can tick some of these little things off if I just apply myself a little more, wake up a little earlier, … could just manage my time a little better.

Ok, maybe it's not so easily rational.

Let me throw this out to you all. What do you do when your energy is low and little projects are creeping up on you like rodent zombies? How do you chip away at the mountains of email and to-dos that aren't on email?

Share your tips!

(What am I doing now? Writing a very short blog post and hoping my readers help me out while I attack those to-dos and emails!)


Kelly A. Harmon said...

Hi Trish!

Good luck on those deadlines!


Turn off the internet (and focus)!

Make a list of your deadlines. Can you extend any of the on-financial ones? Juggle those if you can.

Next: tackle the nearest/highest paying/most prestigious deadline first (you need to choose which is most important for you...).

Repeat above as needed.

If you feel things getting out of control...tidy a small portion of your desk, or the room, or a drawer (or file a few papers) for a limited amount of time.

Then, get back to work! ;)

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