Friday, June 11, 2010

Faery Friday… Bad-Ass Faery Friday!

Tomorrow my good friend Del is hosting the Massachusetts Release Party for the latest Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory! Del's shop is Generations Herbal Apothecary and Gift Shop in Oxford, MA. She hosted the MA Release Party for Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad! It was an awesome time, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. :)

Soooo, if you're in the area, Generations is at 250 Main Street in Oxford (and just behind it is one of my favorite delis, Isador's, if you want lunch, too!)

To further entice you to come, if you are able, here's another sneak peek at what I'll be reading and what's inside Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All their Glory!


By Trisha Wooldridge & Christy Tohara

Tree remains filled the forest, choked by the "vine that took over the South." It seemed kudzu could survive even nuclear fallout. The vines, albeit mostly yellow, draped over black and white branches like garlands adorning skeletons in a danse macabre.

"There's still life," said Morrow, the dark-eyed, half-troll female who had rescued Nancy when the Crossroads Gate nearly exploded onto her head. "This Gate’s still active."

Nancy nodded, daring to hope. Could she make it back home?

"And I don't think the Black Crosses - or any surviving humans- are comfortable with woods," added Vikar, the black-haired weaponsmaster. He hadn't spoken of his lineage, but Nancy expected he was part Sidhe. Few full-blooded fae had survived the nuclear fallout. And they were trying to avoid most of those who had, anyway. "They still view it as fae territory."

Timo, the punky, purple-haired squirrel spirit who led the small group through the woods, chuffed. "Not so uncomfortable they wouldn't have troops here," he hissed. His words chilled her heart.

The group fell silent. Nancy felt like a tromping bull while her companions glided around fallen trees, branches, and crunchy brown moss. Would she give them away? Feeling a soft touch on her back, she glanced at the petite, pink-haired Dee- a mix of Pixie, Sidhe, and human - who winked and took her hand.

Timo motioned for them to stop, looking at Vikar and Morrow. Dee yanked Nancy to the ground as the other three fired and took cover behind trees.


Dee smooshed her hand against Nancy's mouth, holding a finger up for silence, then motioned for her to follow at a crawl. They took refuge with Vikar behind a maple.

"Timo's down," he muttered, ducking as bullets shook the ground and tree. "Morrow's got him."

"Gods!" Dee breathed.

Nancy bit her lip. In a flash, Vikar was firing again.

"Black Cross," he said, returning to cover and checking ammunition.

Nancy's heart sank. She grabbed Dee's small hands. "Please, I just want to get back to my husband and baby!"

Vikar scowled. "We're almost a quarter mile from the Gate. Morrow needs to get Timo outta here -"

Distant gunfire thundered. In a blink, he was up surveying, then back down.

"And we've got company. Kal's soldiers are already here."

"They didn't open the gate, though?" Dee made a face.

"That's your department, Dee," Vikar said.

"I'm saying he didn't. Asking why."

"Hells if I know, Pixie!" He stood and fired a few more rounds. "We need to move."

"I'll tell Morrow to get Timo out -"

"Morrow needs cover if she's gonna get them both out alive."

"Fine, you cover them. I'll cover Nancy, get her through the gate, and blow it before the Crosses can get missiles here."

"If they even drop -"

"I know." Though she looked like a human 12-year-old, the fierceness in Dee's face made Nancy wince.

Vikar gave the Pixie a look.

Dee leveled magenta eyes at him, grabbed Nancy's hand, and took off. Nancy could hardly fathom their movement, bouncing from tree to tree. In the center of a clearing, one ancient oak still looked healthy, un-poisoned by whatever fallout had drifted over the southern states. Through a hollow split its middle, green-leaved branches sprouted on either side.

Nancy heard screaming plane engines.

Dee turned to Nancy. "I'm sorry, I really am!" She let go of the human and leapt through the forest. Her purple jacket burst into a pair of lavender wings.

"No!" Nancy ran after her.

"Nancy!" Vikar called. Wasn't he off with Morrow and Timo?

She felt herself twist with a sharp pain in her arm. "Let me go!" Nancy recognized the half-troll's black-banded arm embracing her. She also recognized Timo's leather and denim-clad body over Morrow's other shoulder, his blood staining Morrow's fatigues. She whimpered as she watched pink and lavender flit by shattering trunks and leaves.

In front of the gate, another faerie shot down more Black Crosses. He looked entirely Sidhe. Nancy caught her breath, heart twisting as she thought of her husband on the other side of that Gate - her husband she couldn't reach. The Sidhe on this side fired single shots from his rifle. Two men rushed him wearing red shirts with large black crosses sewn upon front and back like a tabard. The Sidhe drew his sword and dispatched them, then changed weapons with ease, firing at others further away. He backed towards the Gate and aimed at Dee. Vikar fired into the Sidhe’s back. He stumbled, but didn't fall, and turned towards them.

"Move it!" Vikar commanded, still shooting. Morrow carried Timo and pulled Nancy away. Squirming, Nancy managed to look back. As if her vision were magnified, she caught the turquoise eyes of the Sidhe who had his gun trained on them. He changed aim and shot down two more Black Crosses. He looked at Nancy though, as if he could see her. She buried her face in the Morrow's shoulder as the Faerie Gate exploded in Dee's signature combination of magic and C4, sealing the two realms from each other indefinitely.


Want more? Pick up Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory or if you're in MA, come to the release party!


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