Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Things I'm doing instead of NaNoWriMo

… or, a bunch of other quirky acronyms.

It was a hard decision, but I decided against joining the insanity of National Novel Writing Month this year.  Last year was wonderful, and Chris and I got a good start on another joint novel that I'm still really excited about.

If only we'd finished.

In fact, there's quite a few "if onlys" that need be addressed.

So, instead of starting yet another new project - or cheating and counting the 50k+ words I need to write for multiple projects - I've got other plans.

5.  NaNoSubMo

I have a polished, finished novel.  It's spent far too many months sitting quietly and not being asked to work or show off.  So, she's off.  As of now, I've spent copious hours back on QueryTracker updating my list.  I've sent off 2 so far.  Wish me luck!

4.  NaShoStoPoSubMo

I also have about a dozen short stories and a dozen more poems that need homes.  I've sent off "Manipulation" so far.

On submissions, my goal is to send one thing, be it short story, poem, or novel query, out for every one of my workdays, so Sunday-Thursday.  By the end of the month, I should have 22 submissions out there.  :)  Heck, I may aim for 25!

3. NaFiArtMo

My good friend, Stef, withdrew from the comic project, so I need to find an artist - for Aurelio and for another idea I have brewing.  I have two people I recently met.  I MUST follow up with them.

2. NaWebWriMo

I've got two websites I volunteered to either be responsible for content on or just to supply content.  Oh, and I've been slipping on this blog - despite some really cool article ideas I want to write about.  So, yeah.  Must do those.

1.  NaFiNoMo

In addition to the novel I started with Christy last year, I've got two more novels and a comic script that needs finishing.  Thomas, Heather, and Aurelio are depending on me to tell their stories!  While Thomas is probably the closest to being done, Heather has been talking more.  (That may be related to Heather being a demanding 11-year-old girl and Thomas being an android programmed to serve humans.)  Aurelio really needs me to have an artist to push me and give me feedback. But ONE of them will be finished this month.  (Spoiler Alert!  It will probably be Heather.)

I have nothing against NaNoWriMo and entirely support all of my friends who are going for it this year.  For me, though, it's not the best decision.  I don't need to kickstart a new project; I need to finish the race with the stuff I've already got running. 

You know what, though… I do think it calls for another of my nifty spreadsheets!

Here's the blog friendly version:

Submissions:  Week 1:  3  Notes: On schedule.
Fiction, Heather:  Week 1: Words written -2353, Total WC - 29,439; Notes: about 1/2 done

And throw a big fat goose egg on the rest… and it will probably have 30 rows for the days and look entirely different than what I've got here. 

So, to my friends embarking on this year's NaNoWriMo journey, good luck.  If you're like me and realize that it doesn't fit, make a goal of your own and I'll wish you luck, too. 

We writers need all the support, organization, drive, and general whip-cracking we can get!


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