Monday, November 1, 2010

And This Week's Manic Happenings…

Wait, I can actually breathe and catch up this week! 

Or, mostly, catch up.

I owe my WoMag editor a list of bakeries for the next "______ Woo" series.
Cali's moving back to where I'm boarding her this week.
That email needs to get below 100.
I need to get back to updating the BSER Facebook page regularly.
And I need to finish the edits for both websites - eep!
Oh… and want to write down that short story that attacked me last week.

The Halloween weekend was pretty awesome.  We had a successful Halloween party, despite our lack of efforts in planning.  Before that, we'd kidnapped some friends for the annual Repo! The Genetic Opera event with Genetic Imperfection with the most kind and wonderful Terrance Zdunich, creator and star of the show, who's currently working on the excellent comic, The Molting.

My friend Stina, Terrance, and me - photo taken by H-of-A on Stina's phone.

After the party (where we were having too much fun to take pictures), we went to the wicked Voltaire concert. 

The awesome Voltaire & me, photo by line-friend Erin - love strangers who become friends in signing lines!
 I wrote about how much I love Voltaire in this blog, and I got a nifty interview with him for Worcester Magazine, which he signed.  You can read the article online here, too.

Squee!  He signed my article!

Tonight, I just got back from being a guest on Dr. Chris's Radio of Horror.  I touted the EPIC finalist placement for Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory and even read some poetry from The Unicorn and the Old Woman.  I also chatted about faerie folklore and legend and other various dark material.  I shared the show with some other cool people.  In the studio with me was the Husband-of-Awesome, T.J. May, Geoffrey H. Goodwin, and Brenda Sullivan of the Gravestone Girls.

So, now that I got to do a little planning and bragging, I'm off to bed in hopes of achieving this great "Catch-Up" dream in the week to come!


Danielle Ackley-McPhail said...

Oh man! Lady, you rock! Thanks for the plug :)


Trisha Wooldridge said...

:) Very welcome - happy to plug. I keep meaning to add stuff to my signature line, but that hasn't happened yet. I am sending the info around to different places, though. AND got myself another radio spot in March: Women of Horror. Pitched it to the host, and he liked the idea. Yay!

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