Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'Twas Two Days After Christmas…

… and all through the house
was a mess.

And I really don't care right now.

I take very little time to pamper myself.  Even my "fun" getaways usually involve a quiet corner where I can write fiction or taking care of my horse - both work to a certain extent.

I didn't not work entirely today… laundry and dishes got done.

After all, the Husband-of-Awesome went into epic battle against the semi-blizzard that hit us yesterday with the brand new snowblower… which, with all our property, took him about 3 hours.

But I definitely took some spa time.

See, a Christmas ago, my really cool brother got me this nifty herb and body butter skin softener and polish kit from Crabtree & Evelyn.  I love the scent of it but I had yet to use it.  And then mom got me more bath care products this year… and I did not want to waste another year of not using fun spa stuff.

So, after I'd eaten the last bagel and bit of lox… for breakfast around 3:00PM (I haven't had a full night's sleep since before Christmas Eve!), I took a long spa break.  I ran the shower to get some steam in the bathroom, did the whole pre-shower scrubbing and moisturizing, threw on a clay mask, then took the shower (nearly falling on my butt, granted, from said super-moisterizing shea butter stuff) and extra-conditioned my hair.  Then I gave myself a mani-pedi (well, I cut, filed & moisturized hands and feet - I didn't bother with polish), and finished with some light scent and oil.  Then, I proceeded to do my chores in my ultra-comfy white velour yoga pants, sweater, and fluffy robe.

(And then proceeded to spill the mulled wine on the sweater, causing H-of-A to demand I finish my wine at the table and not even go NEAR any computer.  In any case, the wine came out of the sweater, and life is fine… I digress.)

The mulled wine was great, and the H-of-A did appreciate it after all the snowblowing.  After that, it was snuggles on the couch for the remainder of TV catch-up for December.

I didn't actually get on the computer until after 11 or so… but in that time, I brought my email down from 164 to 85, and I'm ready to face the rest of the week with a lot more energy - but calm and focused energy.

And I need it.

Some things I must accomplish:

Clean this friggen desk.  (Yes, this is a constant challenge, but it's almost a New Year… and it should start clean!)

Make my New Year Post and 2011 Business Plan.  (In which I also compare what I accomplished this year to what I wanted to accomplish.)

Update Broad Universe page.

Write some BSER webpage articles.

Drop in for some essay and lead work at Smarthinking.

Spend some time with Calico.

Make calls & write article due 1/5.

For a weekly "must do" list, it's not terrible, really, though I'm sure plenty of other related items will pop up.  I also still want to continue with the "hanging out with H-of-A" plan, because, well, I love the guy and he's fun to hang out with.

Also, I'm going to take the rest of the week off from blogging.  I think I will pre-write some articles for next year, and I've got a lot of planning and work to do for my New Year Post… which I may break into two pieces, because it was so very long last year - I appreciate all of you who ploughed through the whole thing and commented!

So - I'll wish everyone who reads a very Happy New Year, right now!  And if you plan on celebrating with libations, have a designated driver or dear friends who will let you spend the night.  (*waves to many, much appreciated Friends-of-Awesome)

Much luck, joy, and above all, love, in 2011!


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