Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Writing Around the Christmas Tree

… if we'd actually put one up yet.

We have some stars, and the stockings, and the Jingle Wreath (which, honestly, is around for the sole amusement of the H-of-A tormenting the cat.)

I don't know if it's a common issue with writers, but I always start holiday break with a million plans for writing.

999,999,997 of which never get done.

See… you think there is a ton of time now that the official "work" is on break.


I'm still baking.  (Yeah, those cookies are going out TOMORROW, not today, for those of you waiting.  And at least two of ya' are getting stuff after Christmas.) 

Then, of course, every weekend is booked.  Yes, it's fun and wonderful and I love seeing my friends and family.  It takes a lot of time and prep, though.

Cleaning for Christmas Breakfast.  Packing and wrapping presents (the few besides cookies).  Travel, travel, travel… car maintenance.  Heat and wood requirements.

EVIL EVIL SNOW. (Ok, we've got flurries… which only means each one gets an even longer glare.

ICE!  (My chiropractor is getting sick of me.)

Horses + Ice + Snow! (See above comment.)

And recovery time from all that.

A Christmas when we had actually gotten the tree up. And had Rhetta.
The biggest thing is the whole usurpation of my schedule, though.  I am a pretty free spirit with a flexible schedule - but it's still a schedule!  And I stick to it!  Yeah… notsomuch now.  And the feeling of being lost due to being unable to keep my schedule only makes things worse.  Here's a big example of how:

Now, the Husband-of-Awesome is so titled because he is so.  The H-of-A also gets 2+ weeks off from work during this time.

I love my husband; I adore him.  He is my best friend, and I love spending time with him.  And he enjoys spending time with me.

So, if he's planted on his computer behind me, I'm not getting work done.  He can even be working, too, like paying bills.  It doesn't matter.  I'm expecting some question, some comment, or some interruption.  You know… you kinda talk to people you like.

Remember: My normal workday is alone in my house.  Alone.  The cat gets her arse tossed outside or upstairs if she becomes demanding.

Until he went outside to do the physical labor of taking care of the rest of our firewood, I was edgy and unfocused.  After that: Called all my article contacts, finished laundry, did dishes, packed cookies for mailing, organized some of my scary desk, and made dinner.

See how productive I am alone?!

Even now, as I'm trying to get this blog done, he's distracting me.  It's cool stuff he finds on de Interwebs… but, um, yeah, writing?

He's also usually in bed at this time. Or, if it's a weekend, playing video games.

And, of course, I WANT to spend time with him.  We just went to go see Black Swan tonight (awesome movie, btw!).  So… work?  Have fun with husband?

Christmas.  Holidays.  Vacation time.  Not good for writing - no matter how much you beg Santa.

Better to suck it up and enjoy it.  Living, after all, is the fuel for writing…

And my friends Kelly Harmon and Tracy Morris have much better posts going into that topic.  So, go read them!

That, and I haven't had much time to spend with the H-of-A with the months of overtime anyway. <3  If there's missing blog posts in the next few weeks - you know why.  ;)

Happy Holidays!


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