Monday, March 14, 2011

Belated Blogging

My car has gremlins.

My personal joke about these gremlins is they are all potheads because the code they throw per the "Check Engine" light is 420.

For those of you who don’t know, the 420 code is anything potentially related to the catalyst and exhaust.  Which means, potentially, a whole bunch of crap at varying degrees of wallet devastation.  At least once a year, usually around when her sticker is due, my Buick baby (ok, my mature Buick who is pushing 200,000 miles and is 10 years old), throws this code and it's something different.  This year, she threw it a second time a month after I got my sticker. 

Most of the 420 issues are not "must fix now or your life is endangered by driving this vehicle," so I do my best to work around my favorite garage's schedule.  So, for about two weeks, we played musical appointments, and then Thursday we brought her in.  I always pack Little Rosie with me so I can get work done for the several hours I'm without my car and without a ride.  Well, we'd planned ahead for a full day on Thursday, and I was going to spend it writing at my friend's studio.

Long story short, it's Monday and we're waiting for another, entirely unexpected, part to arrive before my poor engine can be reassembled. 

Even better:  The H-of-A's car also broke over the weekend. 


(H-of-A has a much easier problem than mine, a broken sway bar, that wasn't fixed at home because you need a few special tools.)

Add to that a mild stomach bug, weekend visitors, a handful of deadlines, and a few other things… and I'm terribly behind on a whole lotta stuff. 

In fact, I just remembered that I actually have this month's Broad Pod completed and ready to go by the fabulous Jean Marie Ward.  And I forgot to post it.

So, this is a brief space-holder blog for until I get home and can post the podcast.

On the other hand, my silver lining is that I've gotten a lot accomplished on Kelpie.  Waiting for repairs has some benefit.

Please wish us luck!


Lindsey Duncan said...

On the preview on my followers list, I read that as "my cat has gremlins" which begs some kind of story ...

Hope your car gets "better" soon!

Trisha Wooldridge said...

Thanks, Lindsey. :) Fingers crossed that I can have my car back for tomorrow night - meeting with the Worcester Bloggers.

Hmmm... "My cat has gremlins..." That actually does have a good story sound to it. I'd love to hire gremlins to keep my kitty entertained on rainy or snowy days when she can't go outside and decides I need to not be working and play with her... but what would the cost be?

I must ponder this! :D Thanks!

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