Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and the Stalking Opp

The good, first:

Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory has won the 2011 EPIC Award for anthologies for the electronic version!  Huzzah!
Additionally, my friend, Dr. Anthony Francis, also one 2011 EPIC for the e-version of his excellent novel, Frost Moon.


The bad:

I continue to be plagued by car issues.  I spent a good part of this weekend working because of all the time I lost sitting at the repair shop.  Especially on Friday, which was an unexpected issue, so I didn't even have my netbook or my packed "office" to get anything done in my quiet corner of the repair shop.

The silver lining?  It should be fixed now, God willing, and it didn't cost me any more.  And, with great appreciation to being a freelancer, I didn't entirely lose the money I could of made if I were working a regular hourly job.  It just meant I spent a lot of a beautiful weekend inside.  On my laptop. 

There were a few breaks, though, which I needed for sanity.  But… a lot of work.  le sigh


The Stalking Opp:

I'll be at Conbust at Smith College in Northampton, MA next weekend!  J  Yay!  This is a fun little feminist convention in one of my favorite little towns out here.  I'm staying with my Mom and packing most lunches/dinners, so it's not a huge expense, either.  And I've got some great friends I see out there, too.

So, if you want to come and find me, here's my schedule:


Tarot and Writing - 5 pm - Room 204.

Description: The Tarot is a powerful tool to help individuals discover the paths of their lives, so why not harness this power to discover the paths of your characters and stories?  You need no experience in Tarot reading.  In fact, feel free to leave what you know at the door.  We'll take a fresh look at the imagery of the cards, how to listen to our own muses and Spirit, and how to turn that into a character study - and even the basis of a plot!  Paper and pens will be provided, so be ready to write.  Everyone will come away with the beginnings of a story that they are free to pursue."


Character Building 101 - 11 am - Room 106. Description: "The nice thing about fiction is that you can fill the world with fascinating people you’d like to meet. Learn to round out your characters, from Our Hero(ine) to Bar Patron #3 to the talking alligator in the swamp."
Co-panelists: George Claxton, Lynn Flewelling

Faeries - 1 pm - Room 208. Description:" From Elves to the Sidhe to the Wee Free Men, fantasy is rife with various descriptions of the Fair Folk."
Co-panelist: S.J. Tucker


Children's Fairytales - 10 am - Room 202. Description:" 'Once upon a time...' there was a panel involving brave orphans, lost princesses, evil witches, and a fuzzy talking animal. The story continues..."
Co-panelist: Jennifer Allis Provost

Broad Universe Round Robin Reading - 11 am - Room 201. Description:" Please join our lovely ladies for a round robin of reading!"
Readers: Trish Wooldridge, Jennifer Allis Provost, Connie Wilkins, Phoebe Wray

Hope to see you!


_Decode_ said...

As you know, I won't be attending ConBust this year. I am really sad about it. Maybe next make year! Did you make a flier for your tarot workshop? I really would like to have a copy if you did, because I forgot how that works! :(

Please tell Phoebe I said hi!

Trisha Wooldridge said...

I'll definitely miss seeing you at Conbust this year, too. :( I will be making a fresh Tarot & Writing flyer and will be happy to copy you on it. :) Or... I may even just post it on my blog. Take care of yourself! **Hugs!**

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