Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Bits & Ends for a Manic Monday

Here comes the last week of July, and what's up with Trish?  A lot, actually!

The pics are old ones from a very messy desk.  My very messy desk… which is currently, horrifically, messy once again.  It's bled out to one side and the book cases and has been doing so for some time.  About a week or two ago, Scott got me a file folder cabinet and it has finally been moved into its new home beside my desk today, along with a new, narrower, bookshelf. 

So, Stuff is getting rearranged.  It makes for a great metaphor.  I'm doing an awful lot of rearranging life around stuff right now.  Here's a glimpse!


Good news!  I have an acceptance to announce!!

New England Horror Writers accepted my poem "Kali's Promise" into their upcoming anthology, Epitaphs, which will be available 11-11-11 for Anthocon, in New Hampshire!

I haven't written much about New England Horror Writers, but it's another grassroots group that I'm proud to be a part of.  If you write horror or dark fantasy and live in the New England area, definitely check out the group!


As I mentioned on Friday, I'm the new president of Broad Universe.  :)  There's a ton of stuff I need to do and reorganize for that… not the least of which is to write the press release. 

I also have to reorganize all of my Broad Universe stuff that I inherited from Phoebe.  I put two boxes in what I think will make a nice home.  I have two more, plus my own collection of stuff. 

That said, I am already talking about specific new projects on the horizon!  Stay tuned. 

Pi-Con just sent me my schedule!  I'm on a bunch of panels AND working on a Rapid Fire Reading for Broads!  I'll post it shortly.

Oh, and if you've missed it, I am their Guest of Awesome!

I'm also putting together a dealer's room with a few friends.  We'll have art, jewelry… and some very special surprises.  :)

Related to-dos: Um, actually fill out dealer paperwork, get party room for Broad Universe!


Come August, Kate Kaynak and I will start sending edits back to our fabulous contributors for UnCONventional!

As hard as some of the "no" responses were that we sent back, hearing so much excitement from all those we accepted is just amazing!  We do have an excellent line-up, so keep an eye out for the book.


I owe my webmistress a bunch of stuff so she can update my website… oi!


On the non-fiction writing front:

1.  I have a deadline on apples for the end of this week.
2.  I have a review deadline end of this week.
3.  I have to put together some horsey news within the next two weeks.


On the fiction writing front:

1. I owe my Trickster novel a synopsis; I promised the main character.
2. I need to re-edit "Photograph of a Mermaid" per various trusted people's advice and then resend it to Kate for UnCONventional.
3.  I need to finish editing Kelpie. 


And if you don't think that's enough to keep me busy (on top of my tutoring and training!), then you are far more sadistic than I am masochistic.  :p 

What am I doing blogging?  I need to get to bed so I can get to work!!


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