Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Horse Pictures for You

Here are some adorable pictures of horses that sponsors of the trail ride I did this past Sunday helped!

The rescue herd enjoys some hay.

Avoca and Flicka chill out in the barn.
Piccolo demands you appreciate his adorableness with a side of adorable.

Epona says, "Worship me.  I am a cute pony!"
Bailey says, "Nom-nom-nom. I haz a big pile o' hay!"
Piccolo wants to know if the camera is edible.
Because pony butts are just durned cute, Flicka and Epona model for you.

Keep an eye here for interviews and profiles of some of my donors!!  Thank you everyone who made this happen.  The horses appreciate it!  (And treats. But you supplied them treats, so they love you.)


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