Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Halloween & November… And End-of-The-Year Resolutions

I'm going to save my sanity and not promise more than one blog post a week for the rest of 2011. 

Life continues to be crazy-busy.  (Should I "TM" that term, at this point?)  The bathroom has been redone and is great… no further blood sacrifices needed. 


Rock & Shock was lot of fun.  I didn't sell any books, but I did have some good Tarot Readings, from which I donated a part to New England Horror Writers.

Of course, besides that, it was a total, "This is why I LOVE my job" weekend.  For Worcester Magazine, I had interviewed the director and producer of Inkubus, which will be out in limited release this weekend.  It was a great interview, and I scored tickets to the red carpet premiere, the following Q&A… and access to the after party!

Did I mention this movie stars screen legends Robert England and William Forsythe?

Yeah… Husband-of-Awesome and I were at the red carpet premiere and after party with them!

Then someone I didn't know in the back of the party lit up a joint, so we made quick time to the door before I had to find out if that was one of the types of weed I'm allergic to.

Ah well!  Good times.


OTOH, I'm back at the garage getting a wheel bearing replaced to the tune of… more $ than I really can spend.  Grrrrr…

Till I can afford another car, I'm thinking of engraving my name in this particular seat at Rick's Garage.


And I'm sick with con crud from R & S…Actually, both of us are. And we spent all of yesterday dealing with most of the two cords of wood.  H-of-A chopped; both he and I stacked.  Pain medicine, vitamin C, and lots of tea are my friends.


Saturday, worked on writing plans with another good friend of mine: Yay!  On the way to said friend's house, I got into a minor car accident: Waaah!


This week, I need to finish evaluations of my tutoring team, an outline for my NaNoWriMo novel.  (Oh yeah: The Broad Universe panel at the Nashua New Hampshire Public Library on NaNoWriMo was most excellent!)  Also, we must clean & decorate for our Hallowe'en party Saturday… while attending a Samhain celebration on Friday.  (Sunday = SLEEP!)

TODAY: Get car fixed, five hours of tutoring & evaluating, chiropractor appointment, Broad Universe budget meeting… figure out to-dos for the rest of the week.


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