Monday, October 10, 2011

Look! It's More Bits and Ends

Because, really, my life continues to only give me time in small increments to get stuff accomplished.

News & Writing stuff from Chez Wooldridge:

I'm proofing the galleys from UnCONventional, and they are awesome!  :)  Pre-Order now!    Trust me.


We're gutting and remodeling the downstairs bathrooms.  No, I don't have pictures.  Why?  Because the H-of-A is grumpy and questioned the need for pictures, which was his subtle way of pointing out he didn't want pictures taken.  We've had three generous blood sacrifices during this event, which we hope will appease the gods and faeries and saints of contracting and remodeling… and perhaps even the matrons and patrons of pipe-freezing-prevention for this winter.

This, my friends, is why, while we do not have children, we have well-stocked first-aid cabinet shelves.  (Kits are too small and not comprehensive enough for our creative injuries.)

Anyway, will post pictures when it's done.

Of the bathroom, not the injuries.

In the meantime, today's picture is Nylis hiding from the chaos in the upstairs linen closet.


Got to hang out with more friends that I haven't seen enough of today.  They brought their little girl (and themselves) for some Calico riding and loving.  Good times!

Also, fixed the horsey-withdrawal I was suffering for nearly two weeks being cooped up in the house waiting for people to fix my ability to earn friggen money!


Speaking of horses, a fabulous Broad colleague, Sue Bolich, has started blogging on properly using equines in writing, too.  Check out her two posts here and here.  Very good reading!


I had an extra special fun time covering this year's Rock & Shock in Worcester, so look for the article in Worcester Magazine this week! 

Also, stop by the New England Horror Writers table while you're at the convention! :)

I got to interview the director & producer & one of the actors of Inkubus, which is having a red-carpet premiere at the convention.  Wheee!!


Now I have to go make 1600 words of avocado article sound fabulous.  :) Movie premieres, gutted bathrooms, horses, fiction galleys, and avocados.  Yup--that about sums up my life right now.

Interesting times!


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