Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 2012: Time Travel

Welcome to our January 2012 BroadPod, and our theme, Time Travel.  Roxanne Bland, author of “The Underground”, introduces this month’s readers.

First, in an excerpt from her short story, “Misplaced Objects”, S.A. Bolich tells us about a pregnant time traveler who finds herself in a most extraordinary dilemma.

Then Danielle Ackley-McPhail offers a Victorian Steampunk piece in which a woman searching for a lost family member enlists an American inventor to create a machine that looks into the future.  But it brings back more than mere images.  Much more.

The novels of Pauline Baird Jones often involve time travel--for the characters, not Pauline herself, though she lives in hope.  She'll be reading from her EPIC Book award-winning novel, Out of Time, which takes us to bomb-ravaged London during WWII.

Then Sandra Ulbrich Almazan reads from her novella, Lyon's Legacy. It’s a case of culture shock when Joanna Lyon travels one hundred years back from the future to meet her great-grandfather in a Chicago very different from hers.

Justine Graykin is our last reader. Her novel Eloise and Avalon tells of a historian whose unauthorized use of an experimental device takes him to a distant, ancient planet in search of clues to the origins of his civilization.  Once there, he falls under the spell of the primal Earth and its inhabitants, one in particular.

Now, let our travels begin.

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