Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On SOPA and PIPA...

I was not savvy or awake enough to join many of my compatriots in the censorship blackout protest regarding SOPA/PIPA. What I have heard scares me, but I confess to a certain level of ignorance - to much to say anything useful here.

So, let me link you to people & resources who do know more than me so you can read what I read and make your own decision to contact your senators and congress representatives.

I did.

John Scalzi:

Nicole, who organizes the Worcester Bloggers meet-ups:


Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Please, research this topic and educate yourself.  What rights are you willing to give up, and what will you fight for?


Anna said...

i was so concerned i wrote my congresspeople. i don't think i have done that since we were required to in 3rd grade and that wasn't about an issue.

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