Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trisha's Adventures in Time Travel

Three weeks ago:

"So, Katie, I'm leaving Taiwan on Monday, April 2nd, so pick me up at Logan on Tuesday, at 6PM.  Ok?"

"Ok!  See you on Tuesday!"

This week:

Text to Katie in Detroit: "I'm back in the USA. Plane leaving Detroit on time - c u at 6. Still on 4 Hunger Games?" [Ok, so I can't italicize in texts, really. Not the point…]

Text to Katie in Boston at about 5:35 PM :  "Plane just landed! C U soon!"

6:10 PM:  "Got luggage. Am outside @ end of the Active Pickup lane."

6:45 PM, call to Katie - goes right to voicemail: "Um, did you forget me? I'm at Logan, waiting for you."

Haven't actually gotten any text responses, and right to voicemail?  Uh-oh!  After several more texts and more straight-to-voicemail messages, I call her mom, my old chiropractor.  After some conversation, Dr. Patty says:

"Doesn't Katie work on Mondays? She said she was picking you up on Tuesday at 6:00 PM."

I reply: "Yeah, Tuesday 6PM.  I know she works on Mondays.  I'm here."

Dr. Patty:  "Trish… today is Monday."

Me: "What do you mean?  I left Taiwan on Monday; it's Tuesday."

Dr. Patty, very patiently: "No, Trish, it's Monday…"

So, Trish learns you actually GAIN a day when you fly back to the U.S. from Asia over the International Date Line.  Who'd a thunk?  Ok… maybe everyone but me.

And clearly, my jet lag… because Katie and I managed to finish a project she'd planned on having done for my return on Tuesday… on Tuesday.  And go see the Hunger Games (Yes, it was awesome!)  Then, I crashed and managed to sleep until after 3PM on Wednesday… where I missed one of my weight meetings because it moved, and I received no notice.  And then proceeded to do some grocery shopping and finish another project that Needed To Be Done for me to function in the house… and then I managed to get online and go through my HUGE PILE OF EMAIL from midnight to about 1:30AM. 

All y'all will start getting your responses from me in the next few days.

And I need to finish editing Touch of Death and my editing read of Triangles.  Oh - and there's my tutoring work, and some short stories that are due…

Vacation?  Yeah, it was fabulous… and I'll talk about it in dribbles and spurts between all the deadlines that got pushed back three weeks. ;)


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