Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 2013: When separate worlds touch

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Welcome to our February 2013 program.  We bring you two authors whose stories take us to the place where separate worlds touch one other.  K. A. Laity's short story, "The Rook", is from Unquiet Dreams a collection of short stories recently released by Tirgearr Publishing. The story begins in Bohermore cemetery in Galway with a persistent rook and a grieving brother.  

Then, fire up your universal translators as Ellen Larson reads from her science fiction novel, The Measure of the Universe.  A wide-eyed archeologist from Aldebaran lands in Greece to study with a sharp-tongued professor of paleography. They discover love among the runes, and a plot spelling disaster for both their worlds.  It's Prometheus, Bloodied but Unbound!  “Studded with clever double entendres and puns, this makes an engaging read for language lovers” –Booklist

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