Monday, October 26, 2009

Hallowe'en Week!

It's good to feel productive!

Even when you have a week ahead of you with 2 deadlines and stuff happening every day of the week.

And a Hallowe'en party for which you still haven't finished your costume. oops!

It will work out, I'm sure of it.

Some neat things: is sharing a paranormal event I actually experienced at 6PM ET today! Please check it out!

All the writing for our Newsletter is done… I just need to put it together and send it to Chris for a final proof.

I get to meet my friend, Aimee, for the first time in-person this week! Wheeeee!! She's back home from Tokyo.

I've mostly nailed down a production plan for the Broad Universe Broad Pod that I intend to make happen….by hook or by crook!

Critiques: I'm catching up! All of the notes I've received on "Manipulation" have been reviewed and addressed accordingly. Same for "Hero's Heart" and "Martian Time Traveller." If I have the time this week: "Cemetery Angels!"

Just under the wire, I managed to send a submission to the Tweet the Meat Jerky Contest! Husband-of-Awesome did too. I will let you know if we win! So far, that is my only contribution to the Broad Universe Mailing Party that's going on this week… but I thoroughly intend on changing that.

The bedroom is mostly clean now! It needs a little more work with H-of-A's clothes and some bookshelf assembly, but I'm rather happy with the progress.

And finally, even more info for you Bad-Ass Faerie lovers. Info on the re-releases of 1 and 2 are here and here! Gorgeous covers!

So, now I need to head to bed so I can be up to meet Aimee tomorrow…



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