Monday, October 19, 2009

Rocking and Shocking

Yay "duh" headline! But, seriously, this was my first Worcester Rock & Shock (yeah, a convention 5 minutes from my house I haven't attended!), and it totally kicked ass.

I finally met more of the awesome folks who are part of New England Horror Writers, I learned a whole lot about the horror & comic markets, and I sold a few books. Also, Jack Ketchum joined us for dinner on Saturday - *raises "Rock On!" devil horns* - and he is also a bit of a foodie! I, like, had some awesome conversation with someone the Husband-of-Awesome (of all people) was worried about fanboying over.

Just sitting at our table and talking with everyone was just so much fun and educational, though, I can't say enough about the group… so check them out:

And, make sure you mark your calendars for next year's Rock & Shock. I'll remind you here, because I absolutely plan on returning. J

It's been a busy night since Rock & Shock… and I am still behind on many things… and I have a deadline this week (sooner rather than later so my interviewee can look it over). Well, 2 deadlines, w/ my regular review, too.

What am I doing? Asking if the Broads want a Mailing Party because there is no other time I can see that happening this year.

Yep, I see the insanity of the rest of the year already. NaNo=> November. December=> Various holidays & family events. And MORE SNOW, which is ick-tacular. ;)

I'm likely going to cheat this Food blog too and post my stuffed pumpkin recipe… but it's worth it if you try and make it. It's just that good.

And its 4:30AM… so here's to the continued disorganization movement on my organization posts.

OH! And before I forget, Phibble Media, Light House Rocks radio show will be sharing my a paranormal event that actually happened to me (yes, ME, not my brother's friend's who-not). Tune in to hear it on October 26 at 6PM! Also, it will be available on the website. Mwahahhahaha!

Wish me luck - and I wish you all luck too!


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