Monday, October 5, 2009

Mania for this Coming Week

This Manic Monday is brought to you by an AWESOME ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND!

Despite a bout of some illness on Thursday & Friday, Husband-of-Awesome & I went up to Kittery on Saturday, did some shopping, had a fab lobster dinner, and walked down the beach under a full moon that managed to peak out from the clouds for just a bit. Sunday was sleeping in, Pumpkin Bread French Toast, then a run to the Solomon Pond Mall for more necessities (like better business pants for all my networking meetings)

So, for this week:

I have a mystery lunch with my friend Sery at 11AM today. It's a mystery because we were supposed to touch base BEFORE today and say where. I just sent him an e-mail reminding him of this… hopefully he calls at a reasonable time.

I owe Christy a response to our chapter-by-chapter project… which I won't name because I think we had planned on pen-naming this one. We need to talk about that pen-name thing, too… since this one is going to be YA. Just… some religious parents may want to ban it.

Thursday, I'm meeting with my local food editor at Armsby Abby - which I'm looking forward to because my editor is cool and we've both been looking to try this place.

I'll also be guest blogging on Danielle Ackley-McPhail's blog on Thursday, too. J The article will be using small markets and small jobs to augment your pay.

Friday has me meeting with my comic collaborator, Stef, about Aurelio. That means I need to organize my notes for her before then.

I also need to get that Beer Blog for Worcester Magazine, as well as my regular assignment.

Last week:

I attended the Downtown Women's Club in Worcester. It was great! I met some really cool women.

Note: Oh yeah… FOLLOW UP!!

My book club kind of fell apart for this meeting. We may reschedule to talk about the The Alchemist, but we have picked Stardust as our next book! Whee!

Set up my next interview for Massachusetts Horse. J But that's next week.

Ongoing goals:

This is the third week I'll have maintained my 3x per week blog.

I caught up on my 1 market-a-day schedule tonight by researching 4 extra markets for the 3 I slacked on last week. ;) Of that research: 1 submission, which was actually submitted by Aimee Weinstein who I wrote "Facebook Faery Tale" with. She sent it out to the New Yorker. Let's see if they like it better than Fantasy & Science Fiction did.

Addendum to that: I need to finish implementing advice in the critiques sent to me for some of the markets I noted would be good matches for these particular stories.

The bedroom is almost entirely clean except for some heavy trash & H-of-A's clothes… which he swears simply cannot be done until we get a new bureau. Right… to find a new bureau we can afford now…

The desk still has its right hand "pile" that needs going through, but I can still see wood upon the desk itself.

I still need to send off the last 4 from my pile of snail-mail critiques - as well as my submission to the rest of my group. Let's see if I can get that ready between Monday and Tuesday so they can go out in the mail on Wednesday.

I have 2 other Writers' Group subs that desperately need attention from… er… March.

Things I need to stop Procrastinating on:

Kyra Starbard - the YA that just needs some editing & polishing before I send her off into the cruel world of agent-searching.

Hypothesis of a Soul - the android story my live writer's group asked about - even after my 2-month hiatus for convention insanity.

Synopsis for… new ideas. I had another attack me.

Editing per received feedback. I have a big pile of this - some that I may have found a home for.

That's a taste of my plan for the week. Wednesday, I'll be blogging about networking for writers outside of conventions/conferences and Friday… perhaps beer or apples. And don't forget to catch my special Thursday blog about Small Markets over at


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