Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Manic Monday

Aaaah, first Monday of December!

I just got back from spending the weekend with a few good friends, seeing a play with them, and attending their Christmas party - while I caught up on the rest of my baking (including my first time making biscotti - which, I may add - came out GREAT!)

So, I'll take a leaf from my entertainment editor and admit to discombobulation in this communication.


I'm already considering my New Year's Post on Resolutions/Business Plan… less than a month and that will be up. Money and conventions are important considerations… as is continuing regular fiction submissions.

Making money. Also very important.


My good friends Renée and Sean finally got an apartment storefront in Connecticut! I'm wonderfully happy for them, though I will miss seeing them as often. Or… we may just have to spend a little more on gas and visit for longer times. Whatever it takes. Besides, I'm all for helping out at the store, too.

Our New Year starts with helping them move in/set up.

To take a peek at some of the cool stuff that will be at their store, check here.


I also feel like I'm back to square one in organizing after NaNoWriMo.

No… not quite… I'm still < 100 emails in the inbox, my side desk is mostly cleared off… but the poor animals' litter boxes desperately need cleaning… as does the right side of my desk.

My kitchen table and counter is taken over with cookies - but most of those are getting mailed out. J (Ok, that has nothing to do with NaNoWriMo… it just happened to immediately follow, so it continued the backlog.)

Of course, it is also holiday season, so that makes it harder for everyone to organize.

Husband-of-Awesome has had to work the past two weekends so that they can get this government contract done before we leave for our last vacation of the year. I'd really like to get enough of a rough draft done on the current novel before vacation, too. So, it's a push for both of us.


My plan: get back on that more rigid schedule I had after Dragon*Con.

Most creative people I know love their freedom - but we work best under deadline and within limitations. With sending out cards and cookies - and writing deadlines, a rigid schedule - using the timer on my cell phone - is probably just what I need.

What is your favorite way to get everything done in the holiday season?


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