Monday, December 28, 2009

Pre-New Year's Post Prep (And Sorry for no Christmas Post)

Well, mostly sorry. I was up till… some crazy time cleaning and doing last-minute baking and prep. And then waiting until Husband-of-Awesome fell asleep so I could sneak his surprise present down - the last step of the "OMG - I can FINALLY surprise the Husband this year!" Grand Master Plan.

Outcome: SUCCESS!

Um… I would post a picture, but forgot to take one, and then when I asked him "Go grab your sleeping bag so I can get a picture of you with it," he stated, "I'm not dressed." Just cuz I'm ok with him in boxers around the house…

Anyway - Thank you, Steve, for making the gift possible!

Also, I haven't figured out how to set Blogger or LiveJournal to do delayed posts. If you know, please let me know - preferably before New Year's. Otherwise, it'll be another missed post.


Another great big THANK YOU to the Shrewsbury Borders for having its Author Extravaganza! I totally failed in promoting the Day-After-Christmas Extravaganza… due to, well, Christmas and vacation.

Pre-emptive resolution: Damnit, remember to promote friggen events!

Also: Take more pictures!

Here's the usual stragglers who stay until the very end with aching feet, but not without our smiles:

Cheryl Cory (Must've Done Something Good), Dan Gordon (Haunted Baseball, Cape Encounters), me, Bret Herholz (Diary of the Black Widow, A Sinister Aura, and more!)
(Thanks, Cheryl, for the pix.)


This special in-between week brings a strange sense of both stasis and chaos to a lot of people. You want to get "all your ducks in a row" for the New Year, but there's "no time" to settle everything you want/ed to accomplish for this year. Both Copyblogger and Indie Biz Chicks have some great tips to help you organize your writing and business this week that I'm already moving on.

Fortunately, both my husband and I have this week off.

Unfortunately, both my husband and I have this week off.

Quite the paradox. We can do a lot of fun things together: day trips, movies, we're helping friends move on Wednesday, and of course, New Year's festivities on Thursday and Friday. However… that leaves me next to no time to get my work done.

Today put a good-sized dent in it, though. Scott kept himself occupied with tv, video games, and deciding we needed our own ham dinner since we had no leftovers from any other holiday gathering. (Confession: I'm fine without leftovers considering we had minimal hosting to do! He wants ham sandwiches, though.)

I spent most of today with - more - last minute (late minute?) baking, and getting almost half my desk organized/cleaned. Well, with the extra clutter and catch-all from the holidays, it's more than half better than it was! I also started a to-do list for the week, so I can get some stuff done between whatever fun things we find to do together. (Note to couples & potential couples: Marry someone you love to hang out with. J)

I have a pile of "stuff" to do/go through. Yay.

I also have to go through all my business records and make some even more definitive plans for 2010, as I know without even looking at receipts and crap that 2009 was a loss. I believe a good part of January will be further planning, submitting, and rebuilding.

Giving the desk a good, thorough clean (again) is a big help in planning for my blog post for next Manic Monday post - which will be my major New Year Resolution post. It's a huge one - but I've actually had people asking about it, so I guess it is helpful and/or entertaining. J

Oh - and pre-planning, pre-emptive resolution: Better Bedtimes.

Good night!


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