Monday, February 8, 2010

More Ends, More Bits, More Links

Lots of random news & goings on this week…

Currently, Rick Roberge is hosting my guest post in 6 parts at on his blog. J Where some of you see me translating sales talk into writerspeak, I attempt to discuss how writing tricks affect sales. Let Rick know how successful I am!


Got our official acceptance letter for BAD-A$$ FAERIES 3: IN ALL THEIR GLORY this weekend.


So, Chris & I need to write a response, but she's been busy/occupied lately… so we'll _hopefully_ do that tomorrow night.


Official news: Neil Gaiman has written an episode for DOCTOR WHO!! I suppose it would have to be for this new Doctor because if it were for a Tennant epi, the world may implode from the UTTER AWESOMENESS in a single show.


As I'm writing this, I'm listening to the first episode of The Broad Pod!! If this one actually works, then I'll be shooting out emails to ask for Beta Listeners. Took a little longer, with some strange learning experiences with Audacity… like strange gaps and ever-changing volumes. I think I've gotten it as best I can.

How perfect must a first episode be?


Many of my dear friends kindly helped me through a nasty case of QUERYANGST!! I did even more edits on Kyra… and then debated on who to send it too. Also, debating on using different Moon energies and that fine line of personalizing vs. kissing up.

Of course, my own mind went back and forth between looking for signs, listening to emotions, and rationalizing… all of which seemed to contradict each other. Though, I got a lot of signs directing me to Scott. I wasn't sure what to make of them; my debate was: send out my queries now or wait for the New Moon energy. After chatting with enough people - including a kinda crazy call to Renée… where I was told to "just do it!" (With love, of course.)

Buuuuuuut, just as I was grimacing over my first five pages which this agent accepts (this agent whose blog I've become fangirl-like addicted to, thus making said query even harder!), hubby came home with his revised version of Starbard… and informed me that the first chapter still isn't working for him.

I… had kinda been thinking that too while going through those first five pages.


But Good Damn - as it has been caught and dealt with.

And, since Christy was away for the latter part of the weekend, I had time to work on that. So… after a few people look at it, and I sit on it… it WILL be ready for a query after the New Moon.


Y'know… until #queryangst kicks in next Monday.


This coming weekend is Boskone! I'll be reading Friday Night with Broad Universe. It will be something I have not read with the Broads.


On February 27th, I'll be partying & signing with Renée and Sean and their Grand Opening of Stained Glass Creations & Beyond in Stafford Springs, CT. J They'll even be carrying my chap books! I'm very happy they are finally getting their store - and they are ALREADY getting sales, too. Their work is awesome, though, so it isn't a surprise that people are properly noticing.


For those not following my Twitter Feed, we had some extra excitement at the Wooldridge Household. Since Puxta-whatsisname-aggravating-groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter, our week's worth of wood wasn't gonna cut it, so Husband-of-Awesome ordered more wood.

The delivery guy was great and even backed halfway up our Hill of Doom so we'd have less work to lug a FRIGGEN CORD OF WOOD behind the house.

But, once the stabilizing weight of the wood left the truck's rear… it kindasorta slid down the Hill of Doom, got caught on our clothesline, and took out one of our lamp posts.

Yeeeaaah… fun. I thought it was rather entertaining, really… though, I was disenchanted by the time I'd lugged about half a cord of wood behind the house and stacked it… and then had to help the H-of-A reattach the railing to the lamp post.

Extra-hot Jerk Chicken wings were VERY welcome during the FABULOUS SuperBowl.


And that… is all I think. I am off to a nice, warm bed. Wii Fit can kiss my arse for the chicken wings and nachos when I wake up!


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