Monday, February 1, 2010

REALLY Manic Monday

It's 3:AM* and I'm just churning out my blog post. Wheeee!!

*Posting at 4:AM - sorry for not pinging you Julie!


Buncha stuff.

I was planning a review of the Wii Fit Plus, especially after the warm reception to my letter to the Wii Fit Plus developers on behalf of writers.

So much is going on, here's the short version.

4 weeks = lost almost four pounds. A good rate of weight loss.

Exercised using the Wii 24 of the 30 days I've been using it - not including days I've played with horses, spent over an hour stacking wood, went hiking, or played extensively on Wii Sports Resort. Results: Much more regular exercise than previous to using Wii Fit Plus.

In general, the adorable anthropomorphic Wii Balance Board character is both supportive enough and aggravating enough to make me want to return - even if it's to cuss it out. "Yeah, I do happen to trip over my feet a lot! F*ck off about it, will ya?! No, balance is NOT my friggen cup of tea. Earl Grey is… or Rooibos… or Lotus Green. Bite me. See ya' tomorrow!"

The games do make you want to exercise, too. They are short - few last more than 3 minutes - so you can see how much better you are getting (or how sh*tty a day you are having) pretty quickly. Also, you pick how strenuous you want to be and what you want to work on. While I know I can't handle some of the strength or yoga exercises yet, there's still a good 30+ different things I CAN do and not be bored (or feel like a disgusting fat-monster).

The downside to the many short exercises is the fact that your 30 minute daily workout averages about 45 minutes of time or more - especially if you include the Body Test. Make sure you set aside about an hour to commit. Also, it guilt trips you when you go on vacation. Adorable Anthropomorphic Wii Balance Board: "Is that Trish? I haven't seen you for days! I hope you are well." Trish: "Yeah, yeah… I was at a friggen convention. Deal. My husband does - and he doesn't pout at me."

Next month: Will Trish have maintained her exercise schedule and lost more weight? Stay tuned.


Still on a writer's high for finishing edits on A Silent Starsong!!! I've put off the final edits on this one for… about 2 years, really. I love this story, and so does everyone who's read it… Husband-of-Awesome and Del have been pushing me constantly to send it out. But I am a perfectionist… and it's terrifying when you feel so strongly about something. Anyway, looking over my query again and sending Kyra out into the cold, cruel world of publishing.

Do I dare send it to my top-most agents? I've been stalking them long enough to know it fits what they like: voice, story, style etc. It's even a reasonable word-count for its genre (mid-grade/YA) at just over 50k. I read at least three different authors that each of these desired agents represents… no, I FAN <3 at least three different authors that each of these agents represents. (I found out about said agents because I also "stalk" these authors.)

Aaah - the anxiety!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!


The reason this post is at 3AM is because I traded guest-blog spots with my sales colleague, Rick Roberge. J You'll see some guestwork from him here on Wednesday, and I'll let you know when my post (or posts, because my 1000-word averages are… a bit long for his blog) runs on his page.


I won another award!

It reads more like an Interwebz Meme, but I was rather happy with it. Thank you very much, The Pirate's Bounty!

Kreativ Blogger award: tell 7 secrets and tag 7 people.1. I try to eat healthy, but love food so much that portion control becomes an issue.2. I have a bad habit of falling into leadership positions, doing well at them, and then complaining I have no time to fulfill them.3. Part of my procrastination process comes from pride that I can get something done - and done well - no matter the odds.

4. I occasionally fail due to procrastination, but not enough and not badly enough to prevent the practice.
5. I am still a sucker for fun pop songs.6. I am becoming disenchanted with Massachusetts as a state.7. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was about 12 or 13 - till I realized I might have to defend people who were bad.Now to pass it along:

Kelly A. Harmon
the voices in my head
In Common with Humans
Obligated to Exaggerate
The Teresa Jusino Experience

J I don't actually know the criteria for this award, so my criteria: not-already-really-famous people who's blogs I enjoy on a regular basis - or who I will visit when they remind me they've updated.

Or: People with blogs who deserve more positive attention.

Oh, and if you don't respond to the Meme, that's fine… I am happy for an excuse to tout your blogs. ;)

Congrat's y'all because I think you are fabulous!

Happy Week!


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