Monday, February 22, 2010

News of the week…

I ought to be asleep right now because sinus pressure is threatening imminent head explosion. It's either allergies or a cold; I can't tell which. Hand sanitizer stock is rising…


Cyndi's surprise baby shower went off wonderfully. It was Stina's idea, and she's got it documented on Facebook, for those of you interested. Third time was, indeed, a charm as Cyn confessed, "While I was wrapping [Stina's] gift, I thought for a minute, is this another… no, they wouldn't…"

Well, we did. We surprised her for her Sweet 16, we did it for her wedding… and now for her first baby.

We <3 U Cyn!


There was no Friday blog (though it is written), due to planning for abovementioned shower, and the fact I was totally exhausted from my Thursday adventures.

Thursday adventures started Wednesday… with dropping off my car at the shop.

Then, I was up at an ungodly hour to bring Scott into work, and then drive out to the Boston Animal Rescue League for an article I'm researching for Massachusetts Horse. Despite my lack of Boston-driving prowess, I managed to arrive (and later leave) with much fewer minutes (in some cases, hours) lost in the city. Boston driving still is rated as one of my LEAST favorite things to do (along with vacuuming and roller-coasters and massive surgery), but the trip was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I'm wicked excited with everyone I met and stoked to write the article… so, I won't divulge any details until I decide what makes the cut. Regardless, make sure you get the April/May Massachusetts Horse and definitely check out their website!

They are teh awessomesauce!


Oh… and after the fabulous trip to the Animal Rescue League (and during the earlier driving), I had been working out the details for obtaining a ride to collect my car (damage = $600 *Waaah!*). Renée came to my rescue, and for as late as I was running and the car was finished (left the shop at 4:45), I decided it would be a brilliant idea to just drive out to Sudbury to pick up the hubby - who was going to get out "relatively early."

Yah… well, um, he had to do more tests for his project.

8:45 and the Starbucks across from his job was mopping floors and giving us stragglers (me and three German girls) looks, and finally, he arrives. I'd written my blog post, but figured I could post it at home (without the hassle of LJ's and Blogger's confusion that: omigod, I'm posting from a different computer!).

After dinner at a great healthy Asian place next door to Starbucks called Lavender, we get home for… around 10:PM. We have to still pack for the shower trip, and after our busy days, we both need a breather.

Cue collective couch slump for Burn Notice.

Good intentions: pack between commercials.

Reality: blergh… teeveeeee

Packing accomplished by 1:AM.

Up again at 7:30 for the Chiropractor and the shower preps… and you can guess the rest.


Dear Sinuses & Immune System,

I apologize for the lack of sleep and intense running around in the past several days. Can you please forgive me and blow the m*****f***ing germs and allergens out of my system now? Pretty please?





Just received one good friend's email about her crits of my new chap 1 for Starbard. The message went something like: "Remember, you asked for it."

Mañana… will deal with it mañana.

And then send it off to current dream agent…

Also, still some debate & good conversation regarding my post on plagiarism. ;) If you missed it, please feel free to check it again and comment.

(Cuz, good comments = good karma)


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