Friday, October 22, 2010

Fundraising Friday

It's a misleading title. 

Though, if you want to send me inspirational money to get more work done on my fiction or webcomic, you can PayPal donations to me using any of my emails or from my website  Use any of the PayPal buttons.  I'd love you forever… ok, many of you already have that designation.  But really, I'd appreciate it very much.

What's been on my mind (besides wanting/needing more money – particularly with my beloved but costly equine companion) is how many other blogs I've seen talking about more ways to make money or enhance your income or save time so you can dedicate more to making money.

Makes me wonder.

I've thought about "affiliate marketing" but that's an awful lot of work or aggravation in some cases.  On my blogger version of this blog, I do that with Amazon and every so often I get emails from them about ways to sell more – which basically are thinly veiled requests to do more marketing for books on my blog.  That's not what I do on my blog.  The other places I mention regularly, like Sturbridge Coffee House or Sturbridge Coffee Roasters or Isador's or Generations … all independent and local companies who don't do affiliate marketing and, well, you readers who don't live in Worcester County can't get here easily anyway.

Another thing I see a lot are collections of pre-written blogs or blog ideas.  I'm a writer.  I seriously am not lacking in ideas for blogs.  I do lack the time and motivation to post, though.  If I had "pre-written" blogs, well, how does that promote or give people an idea of my writing?  Totally useless to me. 

Ditto for ebooks and stuff.  Yeah, I know how to write.  It's just finishing an ebook… and then the time to promote that.  I could be working on my fiction and stuff I want to do and trying to sell that.

Try a podcast!  Um… already doing that and the vast majority of "lessons" I found online and even paid for entirely don't apply to me and what I'd want to do with the podcasts I run.  Some sort-of apply to the 2nd episode of the Broad Pod I'll be doing, but most are thinly veiled disguises for people selling products to advertise themselves.  Um: no.

So, basically, as a self-employed writer, most of these things won't work for me, and I'm left to… keep on doing what I'm doing. 

For now.  Till I get more published.

Unless you want to donate, of course, then I can get more writing and possibly some art done.


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