Monday, October 11, 2010

When Life gets "In the Way"… It's ok

I missed my Foodie-or-other-F-alliteration Friday post yet again.  But I don't regret it. 

Life brings a lot of opportunity, and it would be a shame to miss it!  I have fallen away from taking photos because at conventions or on vacation or during other photo-worthy events, I'm busy enjoying, networking, chatting, learning, listening… living.

(Opening pic - totally "borrowed" from the fair where I ended up writing most of this blog.)

My life reason for missing Friday?

Had a lovely trainer come for an evaluation on Calico Silver.  It was a good opportunity to learn more about my horse – who is now a big part of my life – as well as myself.  I made it home to do some work on the Rock & Shock article that's… due TODAY, and then was back out and running for a website meeting for the rescue.

Saturday was another brilliant day of living.  I started off at Whip-O-Will Farms, who was holding a benefit for Blessings Farm… and the wonderful instructor, and friendly colleague of mine, Amanda, gave me a lesson gift certificate for the Comedy Night fundraiser for the rescue.  Then I was off to visit Cali again, but found the sign for Brookfield Orchards, which I knew I also had an article due on, so I made a slight detour and added some appley goodness to may afternoon.  (Which Cali also appreciated.)  I returned home, after dark to my "starving to death, I tell you!  To Death!" kitty and did more article work, recalled I was STILL out of business cards, and then scurried to get my stuff together today – for the Holistic Happening – where I'm doing more horse-related fundraising with Tarot and book sales.  (And typing my blog in the quiet moments.)

Yay 6 hours of sleep… but all the wonderful healing is definitely helping.  I have some great roommates in the quiet room.  Diane Lewis, another Tarot reader and Medium.  Anne Belliveau of The Brilliance Within who does divine openings and healing.  Thelma Rusack, a certified Reiki practitioner.  It's wonderful speaking with each of them, just being in their presence.  I've also had given some wonderful Tarot readings. 

What does that mean for the upcoming week?

Well, besides Holistic Happening follow ups…

I have to write my Rock & Shock article and my orchard review.

I have two doctor appts.

BU Website!!!  (Don't worry, Morven, I'm appropriately flogging myself for taking so damned long.)

Next Broadpod episode (not quite late, but awaiting one more response.)

Broadpod 2011 sign-ups and 2nd episodes.

Broadsheet follow up & article with Shaenon Garrity.  (Another person from whom I need to ask forgiveness for lateness.)

Voltaire follow-up.

Calico time.

Fiction time!

Rock & Shock, itself, with New England Horror Writers (set-up, break down & any holes… but that's the weekend… oh, wait, I DO have to prepare!

Oh… and yeah, my hourly tutoring work!

And, of course, my regular blogs… unless life really does steal me again.  (Please accept any advance apologies.)

Now, go enjoy life!!  (& Writing)


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