Monday, October 25, 2010

Working for yourself…

Dear Hooman, WTF?!
… is that constant, "I gotta get this done" mixed with the entire purpose of wanting to work from home or work for yourself: Freedom!

I don't wanna be chained to the desk or a schedule. 

I like that fact that I can shoot out to go visit a friend who, well, likely needs a friend.  Or I can escape to a wonderful artist studio to get some writing done.  Or I can write while eating a delicious lunch.  Or that I can make my schedule around playing with my horse.

But… I still have work to do.

When I'm sick, I can - in theory - take some time off.

But… no one else will do the work.

It's a constant mental struggle sometimes.  I have a strong work ethic.  (Thanks, Mom! :) )  I also know the value of being true to one's physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Like not signing on right away on a Sunday after playing with friends and your horse because the kitty just looks so cute in this nifty bow that came from a gift basket you won at the latest horse rescue fundraiser…
I iz soooo impressd wit these ribbons and pumpkin. Can't U tell?

… besides that, as I think I've mentioned, I've been going straight for the past few weeks.  Saturday I finally got my "crash and burn" day and slept in until about 3PM before shambling downstairs for H-of-A's pumpkin waffles and then going out to dinner (ok, that "counts" as work as it was a review) and then seeing a movie (back to my Day of Rest).

I totally needed it.  I was getting cranky as well as sick.

Can't U C I'z trying to sleep?  GTFO of mai face with dat camera!

In any case, this week is….. HALLOWEEN! 

Samhain for many of my friends. 

Also coolness for this week:

A'ight. Wuz kyoot 4 u.  Food nao!!
Voltaire!!  Who I actually wrote a blog about a while ago because he's a great inspiration to me as an artist/writer/make-$-by-doing-what-I-love kinda person. He'll be HERE in Worcester!!  I'm so psyched!

And THEN, also coolness, I will be on the RADIO!  :)  Dr.Chris, who I met at Rock and Shock the last weekend ago, invited me, my H-of-A, and other cool horror-y writers and other folk to be on his radio show on Halloween!  So, if you are local, it's WCUW or hop online at and stream us from 8PM until midnight (Eastern Time) on Halloween!

Now, as for that whole freedom thing?  Yeah, announcements made:  I'm going to bed!

Happy Halloween & Blessed Samhain!


Hannah said...

VOLTAIRE! Where and when? Whee!

james said...

JULIE said...

Just a quick note to say I found your blog by way of Wormtown Taxi. Like it very much. From, Julie

Trisha Wooldridge said...

@Hannah - Gilrein's at 802 Main Street, Worcester. This Saturday - doors open at 7. You can get tickets ahead of time at

@Julie - Thank you for your kind words. What is Wormtown Taxi?

_Decode_ said...

AWesome blog, Trish. :) I know I haven't left comments more recently. I've been swamped with article writing, and getting things together for NaNo. But I loved this one. Nyliss looked SO cute!! I want to snuggle her so much now. :)

Anonymous said...


In answer to your question, Wormtown Taxi is a blogroll of Worcester area bloggers. You can reach it at either Wormtown Taxi or Worcester, Massachusetts Blogroll. It was hosted by the late Jeff Barnard.

Trisha Wooldridge said...

Thank you, Julie! I found it on Google and am sad to have discovered it so late... Sorry to hear that Jeff passed. :( What's the future of Wormtown taxi, do you think?

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