Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's News and Organizational Blog

The snow is disappearing!  The snow is disappearing!

Even the "neighbors" are happy.  Or they are just so sick of it that they'll get this close for a picture in case it may provide food.

In any case, more sunlight means I can get more done!  Why?  Well, there's the biological, vitamin D thing.  And the psychological and emotional need for at least a little sun - even for this semi-stealth Goth girl.

Of course, it so happens that there's plenty to do with this increased energy and sunlight.  Here's some of what's been going on:

A teaser: I've seen the sketches for the UnCONventional cover, and they are fabulous!  I can't share yet, but I squeed all day despite the aggravation of being late on some of my reviews.

If you're interested in being part of this excellent anthology, our submission guidelines are up here.  Check 'em out!


I met with my webmistress about a redesign of my website.  :)  Have I actually gotten my news updates to her yet?


*scribbles on to-do list.*


My email inbox is still just under 150 emails that need me to do something at sometime… so, uh, if you're waiting for some sort of response from me, you're welcome to email me again with a  virtual kick in the caboose.


Still working on Big Editing Project, and I've got a bunch of equine writing deadlines this week.  Along with the few team reviews I'm behind on… but those WILL get done when I wake up.


I'm slowly moving forward on Kelpie.  I met up with a few more writing friends from the Common Ground group that was active a few years ago, and they're pushing, too.  I also owe a letter and a copy of the UnCONventional open call to my correspondence writing group.


I'm waiting for checks.  And that just sucks.


I need to go to bed so I can now be better prepared to do all this stuff that I didn't do today… when I wake up on Monday/today.

This is even more "Bits and Ends" than my usual.  Therefore, it needed a different name.  Logically.

Yes, I'm tired.  Happy day!


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