Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real life interlude on writing…

Celebrated Valentine's Day with the Husband-of-Awesome with our traditional sushi-making date.

More on Friday.

Oh, and Nylis approved.

The night before, drank some good absinthe, watched more of Supernatural Season 2 (yeah, I know I'm WAY behind - no spoilers!) and had dreams of saving the world from video game bad-guys while babysitting one of my oldest friend's kids.  (Not surprising, if you know these girls!)

And today was a belated celebration of my Mother's birthday where I donated more money to the Mohegan tribe in Uncasville, CT.  No more than was budgeted, however, so bills will be paid.

Tomorrow I'm doing a video interview with Nancy Chang manager about gluten free dining for Worcester Magazine.

At 10AM.

So, I have no time or desire to write a lot now.  Enjoy your abbreviated blog post!


Anonymous said...


This is a helpful informative video interview at Nancy Chang's about gluten-free menu choices. (Worcester Magazine online) Consulting a nutritionist was mentioned as well.

Thank you for the list of other local restaurants that provide healthy meal choices.

Have a great weekend, from Julie

Trisha Wooldridge said...

Thanks, Julie! :) I had so much fun with the interview, and Elaine and Mr. Chang are both lovely people to chat with!

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