Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wintery Wednesday

In lieu of a proper blog post due to disgusting amounts of snow removal, car repairs, and care repairs, sticker, and other errands on craptacular roads.  Here are some wintry pictures.

Here's the Bay State Equine Rescue quarantine barn.  Yes, that's our president, Susan Sheridan, and another volunteer on the roof, shoveling.  Yep, that's our tractor that got them up there.  And all that is snow.  (Photos taken by BSER volunteer, Ashley.)

And here's Calico running around with Mac, I think, in the most recent episode of Snopocalypse 2011.  Don't be fooled that you can see their hooves.  The paddock was recently plowed and then packed down.  Drifts are up to our horses' bellies.

Writing accomplished: Some editing on the scenes I need to send to my Writers Group whilst sitting in the car repair place.  But not enough to send them.  :p

Dear Mr. Groundhog - take pity on us!!


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