Monday, April 11, 2011

April 2011 Humor Episode

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Welcome to the April 2011 episode of the Broad Pod!


April is national humor month in the United States and Canada. To celebrate, we will be listening to amusing, funny, and downright silly readings from five members of Broaduniverse. Their readings will show you that they are no April Fools.


Join host Tracy S. Morris, author of the Tranquility novels, a series of humorous whodunit contemporary fantasies, as she leads the laughs this month.


In Jody Lynn Nye’s A View From the Imperium, Lord Thomas Kinago must contend with a crew of invading space pirates and an intergalactic version of the telephone hold system.


Then we will journey with Shauna Roberts back in time to the age of Gilgamesh as she reads from her novel Like Mayflies in a Stream.


Jean Marie Ward brings us Lord Bai’s Discovery, in which the draconic Lord Bai and his companion Old Lau disagree on the best means for dealing with a porcine tribute from the local villagers.


Lynda Williams reads to us from her 2008 novel Pretenders, the third book in her Okal Rel series. 


Finally, Have you ever wondered where the Mad Hatter and the March Hare get the money to fund their mad tea party? K.A. Laity answers that question in Dear Friend.


Grab your sides and prepare to have a lot of fun with this episode of the Broad Pod!

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