Friday, April 29, 2011

The Last Caesar's Pasta and You're Coming to the Writing Conference, right?

With a heavy heart, I pulled out my last free sample from Caesar's Pasta today.  After nearly two weeks of being sick and deadlined, we finally got down to some cooking!

This was the Wheat Free & Gluten Free Gnocchi. :)

If you read my review for the spinach version, there really isn't much difference.  It's a high quality, fast cooking gnocchi that went great with the dinner I planned (leftover prosciutto end, figs, kale, apples, sweet onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar).

As with the other products, the bag has excellent instructions.  I also have to say, after sitting in my freezer for well over a month by now, still the same quality.

I definitely recommend this brand and would price it with mid- to high-end frozen Italian meals.  I have not seen it in any of my grocery stores, unfortunately, but I have heard it might be found in Whole Foods.

If I come across it, I'll let people know.


Also, are you coming to the WPI Women Writer's conference this Saturday?  It is open to men and women.  You've get to choose two different morning writing workshops and then, in the afternoon, I'll be joining several cool people and discussing how to get published.  

Ok, in reality, I'll very likely be the cynic up there saying what several potential routes of publication are and trying to convince many dewy-eyed folk that, no, it's not easy, it's not guaranteed, and don't buy into any scams that want to vacuum out your life savings.  While self-publication is an option, you'll be doing a ton of work and people like Amanda Hocking are not "overnight sensations."  Just read their blogs.

I'll also be reminding people to keep accounting ledgers and records, learn how to handle money or put aside funds to hire someone who will.

I won't be entirely cruel, though.  There's always excellent support out there, like Broad Universe - or many other professional writing organizations.

Or, I may end up doing something completely different.  After all, I'm not the only one on the panel.

You'll just have to come to find out!


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