Monday, November 23, 2009

The Challenge of Grateful

When you're under stress, it's hard to be grateful.

When you're behind, it's hard to face the challenge and say "thank you." When you just want to give up, it's hard to thank difficulty for making us stronger. When you have a thousand and one things to do, it's hard to remember that simple "thank you" to a friend or family member or colleague who thought of you.

It's Thanksgiving in the U.S. this week, so a lot of people will be giving thanks for each other, their food, and other things they think of in any family rituals.

It hardly makes up for all the times we forget to thank each other, to thank God, to thank the Earth, to thank Life - no matter what any of them bring.

Thank you.

So many, many people do I owe thanks to - and for so many reasons. If I start now, will I even come close in a list?

You. All. Thank you. You know who you are. Maybe you don't - but YOU are wonderful. YOU made me who I am today. Thank you. If you think you have done me well, you have. If you can't think of something, know there is. We may not even realize it - you what you did, I what I received. Thank you. If I've already thanked you - thank you again.

And I thank myself, too - for being a pretty damned hard bitch on myself and giving myself time when I need it.

Husband-of-Awesome… Yes, of course Thank You. Especially.

Take more than a few minutes before turkey to consider gratitude.

Who are you thankful for? What are you thankful for?

What have you done to inspire gratitude in another?

Thank you.


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